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  1. Medical Trials of Cannabis v Cancers

    I have an inoperable lung cancer.
    The chemo- and radio-therapies caused great damage, to the point where I would not face those treatments again.
    I turned to medicinal marijuana, and at the last meeting with my consultant, he said I had done “remarkably well” on my self-medication, but that one person’s results don’t carry any statistical weight.

    So I have drafted a set of protocols to create Global Individual Medical Trials.
    Obviously, I cannot set up a formal set of trials, I am just an individual, but what I am doing now has the general support of my consultant and my GP.
    Over the next couple of years, I expect to gather thousands of results from individuals around the world who have had satisfactory results from using medical marijuana to combat their cancer.
    Hopefully more medical professionals will begin to look at Cannabis as a cancer-treatment, and not “hippy-dippy wishful thinking of sad and desperate people with cancer” (as it has been described to me by an MP) (thankfully no longer an MP after recent elections).

    The intention is to collect so many success-stories that governments world-wide can no longer deny the results, and therefore a valid treatment will be allowed to come to the rescue of cancer patients everywhere.

    I need to put this invitation in front of as many people as possible, and therefore, I’m asking for your help. Can you “spread the word” for me, please?

    I know you will need to verify what I’m saying.
    Everything is available at, including my biography.
    Alan Briggs.

    Alan Briggs

    May 12, 2016 at 11:43 am

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