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Cannabis Licensing and Business Development in UK and Ireland

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I provide a full advisory and consultancy service in licensing, marketing, communications and product development in the cannabis industry.

With more than 40 years experience in the cannabis law reform movement, 30 years experience as a medical journalist and 10 years experience in legal cannabis markets, I am an expert in the science, medicine, law and politics of cannabis.  I provide a top level, authoritative service for clients who need things done properly, correctly and right first time. From scoping out and understanding the interlocking expertise and regulatory requirements of licensed production to writing inspiring, legally compliant copy for CBD businesses or medical services, I have the practical experience that enables me to deliver to the highest possible standard.


I have unrivalled personal experience in running licence applications both in the UK and Ireland for all aspects of cannabis: industrial hemp, controlled drugs, research, production of CBPMs, extraction of cannabinoids, manufacturing of food supplement and medicinal products.  I understand in detail the procedures of the Home Office and MHRA in the UK and the Dept of Health and HPRA in Ireland.  I advise on pharmaceutical quality management, GACP and GMP requirements. Assignments often also involve political lobbying, liaison with police authorities and security experts.


My early career as a copywriter in many of the leading London advertising agencies gave me experience in everything from FMCG to IT – from pet foods to the launch of the IBM PC in 1981 and the explosion of technology into our everyday lives.  I have planned and implemented marketing strategies in publishing, healthcare, technology, pharmaceuticals, the oil and automotive industries and more.  I have designed and run training courses for marketing departments in Nokia, the NHS and in both consumer and business to business markets.


Words are the basic commodity in all the work that I do, whether they are the main purpose such as in writing and producing annual reports for public companies and government institutions, or in communicating business ideas and proposals.  I have a particular skill in explaining highly complex subjects and information in a way that is easy to understand for audiences without technical or specialist knowledge. I have worked in all media, from corporate literature, TV and radio advertising, multimedia campaigns, film and video. I also speak in public debates, design and deliver presentations and training courses.

I have developed formal communication strategies in a number of different industries but particularly for NHS Trusts, all types of health authority and healthcare purchasing organisations.

Product Development

Creating successful new products and services is about knowing your market, understanding what is required for production or delivery of a service and creating the edge that enables you to stand out.  My broad range of skills and experience, including detailed knowledge of laws and regulation, make me well qualified to advise on product development or run a project from concept to fulfilment.

General Consultancy

A great deal of my work is carried out under non-disclosure agreements, so while I cannot share information about other work, my complete knowledge and expertise is available to all clients. It is my deep, rich, broad understanding and experience that enables me to offer unrivalled personal service and deliver the results you need.


Written by Peter Reynolds

February 25, 2020 at 4:24 pm

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