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What utterly absurd sentences for Mr and Mrs Darwin!  When there are violent thugs loose on the streets, this is the sort of idiocy that brings the law into disrepute.  The judge has made himself look an utter fool and has done nothing at all in the cause of justice.  Clearly these two people were dishonest but the greatest harm they perpetrated was on their sons.  I have no sympathy for the insurance company at all because, by definition, it is engaged in a process of long term, calculated but legalised fraud.  How many years are the directors and regulators of Equitable Life looking at?

Prison is a place for those convicted of violence, not for sad people like the Darwins.  How can the judge live with himself? What rationale can there be for this?  I hope he has no connection with the insurance industry.  He should have no further role in the judicial system.


Written by Peter Reynolds

July 23, 2008 at 4:06 pm

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