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A Plug For The Bluebell

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Before I am outblogged by a blogger, I have to put in my plug, plugs and more plugs for The Bluebell Inn in Emsworth.  Until now, mentioned only once in Walking The Dog 2, I have certainly been remiss in failing to acknowledge the important part that The Bluebell plays in my life in Emsworth.  I am, after all, desperate for a free roast beef and horseradish baguette.

I am not a pub person.  Or, at least, I wasn’t until I started frequenting The Bluebell but even here I confess that having walked in in the evening I have walked straight out again after discovering a tribe of boorish, beered-up twenty and thirty-somethings.

During the day though, The Bluebell is a delight.  It is only right that I share the responsibility of propping up the bar with Owain and Sid because otherwise it might fall down and where would Giles and Chris and Nicole be then?

Tom,  the former landlord, who I hold very responsible for the genial atmosphere that prevails is presently recuperating at home. My sympathy for him is, of course, not at all compromised by the three weeks he spent in Cuba with his 19 year old girlfriend immediately before his health scare.

Capone and Carla are made very welcome and I am considering starting a fan club for them as potentially a far more lucrative business than anything else I have ever done!

It is no exaggeration at all, though, with or without a roast beef and horseradish baguette, to say that the food at The Bluebell is exceptional.  I have never been less than delighted with anything from a pot of cockles to a baked sea bream.  They even do the best frozen chips in town!

Last week I travelled to Dorset and, just north of Weymouth, called into The Old Ship Inn at Upwey.  There I selected, for £5.95, a ham and tomato baguette which, when it arrived, was probably a fraction longer than the word itself and “filled” with carefully crazy-paved supermarket ham (we have to go metric here because two millimetres thick doesn’t work in imperial) and a couple of slivers of tomato.  That, combined with ten crisps and two slices of red onion, made me appreciate what I have at home.

The Bluebell does not even deserve comparison with that.  Nowhere will you find finer food at better value and if I’m offered a roast beef and horseradish baguette for saying so, I will, for propriety’s sake (but very reluctantly) give it to my dogs.

Written by Peter Reynolds

July 28, 2008 at 4:23 pm

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