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Let’s Have Some Real Accountability From The Banks

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I want to know the names of the top 10 earners at Barclays, the Halifax and the Nationwide.  These are the banks that I grace with my business and I want to know the names of the toerags that have been messing with our economy at our expense for their own personal profit.

These individuals aren’t gentlemen.  They are profiteers, pirates even, and each one of them should be revealed, reviled, pilloried and put on public display with their multimillion pound scorecards.

The time is well past for any nonsense about confidentiality, privacy, data protection (the biggest joke of them all).  We want to know who are the gamblers, the selfish, arrogant thieves who have destroyed our economy for their own selfish ends.

I urge every customer of every bank to write and demand this information.  Then we would see who are these individuals sitting smugly on their fat backsides whilst the rest of us face the consequences of their greed.

Of course, these individuals are the product of a corrupt system and in their position as those that must carry the can they too are victims – but victims with big houses, fast cars, swimming pools and fat, fat bank accounts, so huge that they and their heirs are insulated from any further worry for the rest of their lives.

They must be called to account.

Written by Peter Reynolds

October 7, 2008 at 9:06 pm

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