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Iomega – How To Lose Your Data

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I’ve had two Iomega Storcenters now.  The first was 1 TB and after about 18 months it failed for no reason I can understand and took nearly a terabyte of movies and backups with it.  The second was 3 TB – yes, you may well ask, why did I do it again?  That has failed now after about 12 months with about 2.5 terabytes of my data on it.

Iomega support is as useless now as it was the first time.  I’d already tried everything they could suggest before I rang them.  Being told in a thick French accent that the Iomega warranty does not cover any data loss and that I may want to contact a local data recovery expert just doesn’t do it for me.  It leaves me extremely fed up.

The problem is these NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices are a RAID array of disks interrupted by a Linux subsystem so if anything goes wrong you’ve got no chance of using a Windows PC to do anything about it.

Having failed to learn my lesson the first time, now I know that I will never, ever even consider Iomega or NAS as a solution again.  These are inevitable disasters in big shiny boxes just waiting to happen.  I have seven SATA hard disks in my system that I can monitor and maintain under Windows.  If the worst happens I know I can at least try to recover some of the data and will almost certainly succeed to some degree.

Stay well away from NAS.

Written by Peter Reynolds

March 23, 2009 at 3:20 pm

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