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UEA Offline To Email

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Leaks like A Sieve

We all know how indiscreet certain people at the University Of East Anglia’s Climate Change Unit were recently.  Not only was the content of their emails outrageous, dishonest and reprehensible but their email system was so insecure that it resembled a sort of digital colander.

Now, in a classic, public sector, knee jerk overreaction, it is virtually impossible to get an email through to UEA.  My son,  Richard, is there doing a law conversion course after graduating in PPE last year.  Every email I send him is bounced back to me as “unacceptable content”.

It’s only the sort of correspondence that might pass between any father and son.  There’s no cocaine deals, terrorist plots, child porn, not even any attempt to falsify information on which the future of the world might depend.  I did send him the latest draft of my novel which I think did have the odd swear word in it.  Dear me, I think that must be it!  Trouble is I don’t think Amazon or WH Smith accept novels these days without swear words in them.

Fortunately, Richard and I are super-duper, super-sophisticated hackers right at the leading edge of technology.   We had a bright idea and used a different email address.   Now why didn’t the Climate Change Unit think of that?

Written by Peter Reynolds

May 22, 2010 at 6:21 pm

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  2. Such healthy relation you have with your son. I am sure you guys will make the next big name on IT sector.

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