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Let The Rest Of Them Drown

I did, I turned over this evening when the BBC News coverage of the Pakistan floods came on.

I didn’t want to see a child die on my television screen.

I can only care so much.  For everyone, charity begins at home.

Like it or not, Pakistan doesn’t have the best reputation in the world.  Of course, the individual tragedies are heart-breaking but there’s no great groundswell of public sympathy for a country that is the origin of  so much evil in the world.

A religious zealot might suggest that the rains should fall on Pakistan and Israel for weeks on end so that the world might be cleansed of its infection.

It is less brutal than the story of Noah and his Ark.

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  1. You know, Peter, the same sort of thing happened here on the 10:00pm news at the Beeb. It was showing the little boy who had diarrhoea, and to the drone of Orla Guerin’s mournful voice (it’s ALWAYS mournful, whatever) my other half came into the room and went to change over. I insisted on watching it, but I think you are right about much of this. I don’t actually think that the people in any country are to blame for their corrupt governments, though.

    Thank goodness the child seemed better when Ms O.G. went back to him.


    August 13, 2010 at 11:45 pm

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