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David Cameron, Phillip Hammond And Nadhim Zahawi Complicit In War Crimes.

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The despicable conduct of the UK government in appeasing and even supporting Israeli war crimes in Gaza is beyond belief.

philip hammondDavid Cameron, Philip Hammond and Nadhim Zahawi have disgraced our country by choosing the wrong side and supporting oppression, brutality and child killers.

The violence must stop on both sides but it is the rockets from Gaza that are weapons of self defence against the illegal occupation by the zionist Israeli state.

Nadhim Zahawi, Zionist Appeaser

Israel’s response is illegal and recklessly disproportionate. Everything it does in Palestine is unlawful as determined by its defiance of 64 UN resolutions.

Cameron and his crony government against Palestine are no better than Putin’s thugs against Ukraine. NOT IN MY NAME!

Written by Peter Reynolds

July 24, 2014 at 4:46 pm

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  1. Hamas was right it did not have the Israeli soldier now reported dead – possibly a casualty of Israeli fire. Obama raced to the air to denounce Hamas and justify further civilian outrages – an emotive Congress voted more money for Israel’s hugely disproportionate military arsenal.
    Hamas also denied the kidnapping and killing of the Israeli youths which led to the bombing,false imprisonment of innocent Palestinians and the destruction of the suspected kidnappers homes. It is likely that they were taken by extremists elements. Extremists Israeli elements who captured and burned alive a young Palestinian boy – but no naming nor shaming no collective punishment for these killers?
    Re the ceasefire.This one as those that preceded it are ceasefires on Israeli terms. Most of us believe ceasefire means a cessation of all operations on both sides.
    Finally let us remind Israel about the use of the word terrorists The state of Israel owes much to its own home grown terrorists The Irgun to whom our own army and government were forced to capitulate whose leaders rose to political prominence and came to and continue to dominate the world stage they and the unquestioning American support they receive is contributing to a revival of the very anti Antisemitism they most fear.

    Sandy Hayakawa

    August 4, 2014 at 11:48 am

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