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Professor Mike Barnes Appointed To CLEAR Advisory Board.

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Professor Mike Barnes MD FRCS

Professor Mike Barnes MD FRCS

CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform, the UK’s largest and longest established cannabis policy group, has appointed Professor Mike Barnes as its scientific and medical advisor.

The appointment reflects the growing worldwide acceptance of cannabis as medicine. Professor Barnes and CLEAR are working with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform (APPG) which will itself release a report on medicinal cannabis in September.  Alongside the APPG report, Professor Barnes will publish a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence on medicinal cannabis.

Professor Mike Barnes is a world-renowned neurologist specialising in neurological rehabilitation. After a career involving senior positions in the NHS he is now Clinical Director of Christchurch Group Neurological Rehabilitation. His full professional curriculum vitae can be seen at his website:

Peter Reynolds, president of CLEAR, commented:

“This appointment represents a step change in our campaign. Mike’s professional and scientific expertise will help to sweep away the prejudice and misunderstanding about cannabis as medicine. Across the world, a growing number of people are using cannabis safely and effectively. It is time for the UK to catch up and Mike will be helping us to address medical professionals with a new educational initiative. We know that hundreds of doctors already tacitly endorse their patients’ use of cannabis and our government needs to support doctors and their patients rather than interfering with their healthcare.” 

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  1. You have to remember Peter that this is the UK. You could smack most of our MP’s in the face with incontrovertible evidence that cannabis is medically beneficial. Yet find they would not accept it. Too scared of the propaganda they’ve put out for the last few decades to be seen to change their minds now. Anyhow what would the Daily Mail say? We are now, in the UK, following a path to take us away from all external influences, Brexit shows the way. Isolate ourselves, shut the door and make our own rules and go our own way.After all we are British and know better than those foreigners !

    Tony Bevington

    October 21, 2016 at 10:45 am

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