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Why Vote Leave Was Right For Great Britain.

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Whining remainers never have and never will get it.  It’s about something much bigger and more profound than immigration or the economy.  Britain is a great nation. Through history we have led the world and we continue to do so, punching far above our weight, achieving results that no other country on our planet is capable of.

The pages of the Guardian and the Independent are still littered with complaining remainers.  Social media is full of abuse for those of us who made the right choice.  We are told we are “dumb”, “stupid”, “ignorant”, “racist” and every other insult that sore losers can summon.

It’s the small-minded nature of the complaining remainers, their focus on the mundane when it was our independence and self-determination that was at stake. Vision and ambition is what makes us who we are, not cynicism and fear.

Yet the evidence is clear.  Not just in sport but in every field of human endeavour, Britain is great, disproportionately so for our population and our natural resources -except for the most vital resource of all – the unique courage, determination and spirit of our people.

Many remainers still refuse to accept the referendum result.  Their bitterness, their enthusiasm for every negative economic indicator and their faux ‘I told you so’ complaints will soon wither.  These spiteful, negative ideas will fade into obscurity as our natural qualities of leadership and success take over.

Britain is great.  What our athletes have achieved in Rio is what we should all aspire to and is our proper place in the world.

Written by Peter Reynolds

August 15, 2016 at 6:35 am

2 Responses

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  1. Fine so Britain is great. But where do we come in the Humanitarian stakes, the equality stakes ? More wars have been fought due to Patriotism ( and Religion) than for any other reason and this is pathetic. I voted Remain, but I’m not whining. My attitude is ‘we shall see.’ Per4sonally I would prefer to be a member of the human race affiliated to all other counties of the world in Peace and harmony and Agreement.

    Tony Bevington

    August 15, 2016 at 6:56 am

  2. Our nation has always been a world contender and punched we have always punched way above our weight, unfortunately our nation has losts its way.
    Failed by polytricksters who are only concerned with serving themselves not serving the people.
    The reason to leave the EU was as Peter states not economic or to do with migration, it was because the ultimate goal of the archtects of the EU is to create a super state without the peoples knowledge in a series of successive steps, each disguised as having economic purpose, but which will eventually and irrevesible lead to federation.

    Those calling people who voted to leave ignorant are clearly demonstrating their own ignorance they have accepted the lie that it would be financially beneficial to remain.
    Tony whole world in confusion, what humans need right now is to embrace the simple idea of brotherhood and stop measuring everything and each other and being foolish creating misery and suffering, we dont all have to agree, we just need to accept our differences.


    August 16, 2016 at 6:50 pm

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