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The Next ISIS Assassin Will Be A White Woman With Leaflets

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She’ll slip past a security cordon, invade a private area and everyone will sit on their hands, terrorised into inaction by the feminazi, left wing journalists and the whining trolls that are the Twitterati.

Next, HM The Queen, the Duchess of Sussex, a musician, movie star or philanthropist will be dead or have acid thrown in their face.

Theresa May makes the wrong call yet again and betrays Mark Field.  He is a fool for having apologised. The BBC, now little more than a state-funded sinecure for Remainers and professional victims, ramps up the hysteria and criticism, a rallying call for conflict and division.

If the protestor had been found with a small bottle of acid or a knife, Mark Field would be lauded as a hero.  Instead he is villified, castigated and abused. I express my view on Twitter that she was dealt with proportionately and then I’m smeared as ‘a man who supports violence against women’. The world has gone mad.

The person who is really to blame is whoever was in charge of security. It was an appalling failure and must be the end of their career.  Absolutely unforgivable.

Given the occasion, the location, the attendees and the sudden, aggressive invasion, a 9mm double tap to the centre of the target would have been fully justified.

Written by Peter Reynolds

June 21, 2019 at 12:18 pm

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