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Brandon Lewis Does A Grayling

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This government has two big problems that are apparent in every current issue: incompetence and atrocious communications. Brandon’s latest blunder is a prime example.

What an idiotic statement to make.  Not only is it palpably untrue, it’s probably one of the most damaging gaffes ever made by a serving minister.

Nothing in the UK Internal Market Bill is a breach of international law – unless of course you see it from the perspective of the EU and Barnier’s bovver boys. All the bill does is permit ministers to act if the EU itself was to act in a way that breaches the Withdrawal Agreement.  Strictly speaking, they’ve already done this.  The agreement requires that both parties negotitate in good faith to establish further agreements on a whole range of issues, particularly on Northern Ireland and trade.  Barnier hasn’t done this.  In typical high handed style, he’s refused to talk about anything else unless the UK surrenders on fishing.  If he continues in this vein, there won’t be an agreement and UK will have to act to protect it against the EU hijacking parts of Northern Ireland’s trade.

So the bill doesn’t actually do anything at all unless the EU breaks international law first.

Brandon is an idiot.  He’s shown that repeatedly and tagging him with the name of the greatest blunderer of all, Grayling, reminds me that they were both kicked upstairs to be party chairman after an earlier blunder.  That tells you everything you need to know about the Conservative Party, its strategic direction and governance.  It’s a shambles, every bit as much as the Labour Party.

This is a discussion for another day but it’s clear evidence of the woeful standard of all politicans on all sides. Out-of-touch defines pretty much all those who presume to govern us – and useless.

Written by Peter Reynolds

September 12, 2020 at 1:23 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Sorry Peter that’s just wrong. You’ve seemingly never accepted the impossibility of the situation re NI and you’re still trying to play it down. Brandon Lewis was just being honest in his reply, this bill does break an international agreement, hence international law. What we’re seeing here is a sign of panic at the heart of government and it’s far too late. They cocked up big time and I’m only surprised that they’ve only just realised.

    The truth is it seems Johnson signed off on the agreement without understanding the small print. Back when it was announced there was discussion about the border between UK and NI and the government eventually accepted the agreement did mean that.

    The impossibility of keeping NI aligned to the UK’s trading regime and keeping an open border between NI and RoI has always been the fatal flaw at the heart of Brexit, it just cannot be done.

    That they signed off on this deal and passed it through parliament without apparently fully understanding the implications speaks volumes about the whole fiasco and the incompetent idiots in charge.

    Derek Williams

    September 12, 2020 at 5:37 pm

    • during the referendum, some mp’s and commentators bought up the N I peace deal the the border but they was shouted down, it was then called another “project fear” tactic, it seams project fear has turned into project fact! the easiest ( oven ready ) deal was just hot air! i do agree with Peter on the standard of politician this country has produced.

      Stephen Brophy

      September 13, 2020 at 8:58 pm

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