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Vote YES!

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I’m dismayed at all the so called liberal and progressive thinkers who are calling for a “No”.

If you vote “No” you’re voting to support the corrupt, self-serving politics that is holding this country back.

I think AV is a terrible idea but it would be even worse to let those lazy, selfish, tabloid slaves that are supposed to represent us carry on as they are.

Vote “No” for more of the same.  Vote “Yes” for the chance of some change.

Those of you who can’t be bothered to get off your backsides even to spoil your ballot paper deserve nothing.  If you want to be part of society then take responsibility and vote.  I’d make it complusory and if you don’t show up you can forget any benefits, NHS, waste collection or other public services – and you can stop your moaning too!

Written by Peter Reynolds

May 5, 2011 at 10:36 am

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