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George W. Bush, Terrorist, Murderer And Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

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So George W. has hitched his six guns to his waist and like Clint in High Plains Drifter, mosied into town and taken out a few of those baddies that have been raining on his parade.

What a disgraceful, pathetic, humiliating, inhuman exposition of American values.  Believe me, punk, you just put back the cause of freedom by a hundred years.

I’m not naive about these things and wasn’t the distinguished Syrian Foreign Minister exactly the right character to break the story?  They’re not stupid either.

When this sort of American, redneck, juvenile, evil, crazy attitude takes over then they’re as dangerous as Al Quaeda – no – more dangerous.

The man should be arrested imediately on the same basis as Karadic. He has become evil personified, as guilty as the man who wields the knife that severs the head of a western hostage.

I call upon Barrack Obama, the man with the chance to save the world, to condemn this action outright.  I have no problem with a degree of expediency, with covert operations against evil, subversive forces but this is just dumb and that will be your legacy.

Written by Peter Reynolds

October 27, 2008 at 11:22 pm

Russia Invades Georgia

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So just as they chose to invade Afghanistan on Christmas Day, the Russians have chosen to invade Georgia on the day the China Olympics open.

It is by no means certain why they choose such an occasion.  Perhaps it is to draw attention to the event while the world has an international focus.  It may actually serve to emphasise the message they are sending by this action.   On the other hand, it may be that Moscow hopes our attentions are distracted by the Olympics and it will be better able to get away with this sort of conduct now than at any other time.

Russia is asserting its might for its strategic interests in the same way as the USA does.  There will be many innocent lives lost.  There will be massively increased profits for Russian and Western arms manufacturers.

Ultimately Georgia’s destiny must be to be truly independent so Russia’s action can only fail and should be abandoned immediately.  On the other hand there is much talk of agitation in the area by the USA, possibly CIA warmongering.

I fear the die is cast – thousands are going to die. Perhaps it will continue until November when Barrack Obama becomes President-elect and insists on peace.

The worry is that we are all playing with high stakes.  Last year Georgia openly cooperated with the CIA to arrest a Russian trying to sell bomb-grade uranium…

Written by Peter Reynolds

August 8, 2008 at 1:32 pm