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Sex And The City

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I Don't Think Much Of Yours

The sight of these four pitifully deluded women on the sofa today promoting their new film…..eurrghh!  It has to be one of the most embarrassing things I have seen.  I saw the much-more-gorgeous-than-them Susanna Reid interviewing these hags on BBC Breakfast this morning.  I had to switch over urgently it was so excruciating.

The expression “mutton dressed as lamb” isn’t quite right.  It’s more like “sad fifty-something dressed as bad taste hooker”.  In fact, I thought the Bradford hookers also being interviewed today were much better looking.

How can these four preposterous women display themselves in such gaudy, tacky, cringeworthy fashion – fashion?  Do they think those ridiculous shoes, those absurd hairdos, those undignified dresses have any appeal at all?

This is about as far away from sexy as you can get.  It’s almost enough to make me start looking at boys!

“Dribbling Geriatrics” – Consensus Business Group & Peverel Group

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This was the term used by a Mr Ian Rapley of Consensus/Peverel on BBC Breakfast this morning when being interviewed about the management of sheltered accommodation.

The man is a fool and an oaf and should be sacked immediately.  I eventually managed to track down his companies.  Peverel say they are “disgusted” by the way he behaved and that in fact he is not part of their company but part of their “owners”,  Consensus Business Group.  It, in turn, is owned by Vincent Tchenguiz, one of the richest men in the country.

I am usually complaining about people being too politically correct but this is a prime example of pompous, insensitive, ignorant and unforgiveable rudeness.  There can be no excuse.

Written by Peter Reynolds

November 19, 2009 at 1:19 pm