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Britain Needs Leadership

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I know the junction in Clapham by Debenhams like the back of my hand. I have queued for hours in the post office that the armoured police vehicles were rolling by last night. It was my home and it makes it feel very close, very real. Two, three mornings every week I used to go through that door at Debenhams and buy myself a pasty from their snack bar for breakfast. I couldn’t help but weep just a little as I watched events unfold.

The scumbags need to be rounded up, caged, sent to bootcamp for six months, then two years enforced community service, 40 hours per week, cleaning toilets, real hard work.

Our politicians are responsible. They have denied our youth a future and deserve disgrace, condemnation and loss of office.

On Mark Duggan, he had a gun so he should have expected to be shot.

We desperately, desperately need leadership.  Cameron falls so far short that it is embarrassing.

Written by Peter Reynolds

August 9, 2011 at 7:22 pm