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Hysterical PC Nonsense About A Young Couple In Love

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I really am sick to death of all the pious wailing and weeping about Megan Stammers running off with her teacher, Jeremy Forrest.

Now, of course, a teacher should not be engaging in a relationship with one of his pupils.  Megan is also beneath the age of consent but the ludicrous, preposterous idea that he is responsible for “child abduction” shows just how easily the police can be swayed by media pressure.

These are two young people in love who have eloped, foolishly but understandably.  The BBC, in particular, has pushed this story to a quite ridiculous and irresponsible extent.  Mr Forrest has been demonised as if he is a violent rapist and paedophile.  He and Megan are the victims in this story, abused shamelessly by a prurient, sanctimonious and hypocritical media.

Megan is 15.  Very shortly she will have passed the age of consent.  In France, where the couple were discovered, she is already past the age of consent, so what is the crime?

I feel very concerned for Mr Forrest.  He has been stupid and irresponsible and probably committed a technical breach of the law but he has been villified beyond reason.  I am far more concerned for the horrific ordeal his parents have been put through than  the parents of Megan whose incontinent displays of emotion hide, I suspect, responsibility for Megan’s willingness to elope.

It’s the media though who deserve real condemnation.  It is they who sexualise girls at a younger and younger age and yet when this young woman follows their lead, they turn on her and her partner.

It’s not that long ago that girls younger than Megan would already be married and that is still the case in many countries.  I’m not suggesting that is a good thing but the hysterical overreaction to this young couple’s romantic adventure disgusts me.

Written by Peter Reynolds

September 29, 2012 at 8:25 am