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Big Pharma Plugs Weed

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God's Herb

The news that Sativex, a whole plant extract of cannabis,  was approved as a medicine in the UK was welcome, of course.

But £125 for 10 ml, two teaspoons – please!

According to Sativex’ prescribing information, each 1 ml contains 27mg of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol  (THC), that’s the magical ingredient.  So in each spray that’s £125 for 270mg of THC.

At today’s extortionate street price of £10 per gram, good weed contains about 12% THC.  So that’s £10 for 120mg of THC.

At Big Pharma prices you get stoned for 46p/mg.  On the street you get high for 8p/mg.

Draw your own conclusions but please, do check my figures.  Let me know if you disagree.