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Clegg Close To Cocking It Up

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I’m really fearful that Clegg is close to cocking it all up. He’s managed to retain a great deal of goodwill throughout this election campaign but now he seems to be losing the plot. He promised the country that he would deal with the Tories first but in fact he’s been double dealing. This will rightly infuriate those on the Tory right who have gone much, much further than might have been expected. Clegg needs to get back to the principled position he originally held and do the deal with the Tories. If not there will be no bigger loser than Clegg himself.

Written by Peter Reynolds

May 11, 2010 at 1:03 pm

Tories Need Electoral Reform Too

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I would have thought it was obvious after the unsatisfactory result of this election that Tories need electoral reform too.  It should definitely not be a dealbreaker between the Tories and Lib Dems.  In fact, I’ll go further, David Cameron should offer a referendum on the issue – why not?

A redrawing of constituency boundaries so that each seat has the same number of voters would in itself be a more proportional form of representation.  I also think that a fixed term of office would lead to fairer and more sensible government.

David Cameron has an opportunity now to become prime minister and usher in a new, fairer, brighter politics.   If he misses this chance then he will have let down the British people as well as the Tory party and himself.  Brown, at last, thank God, is gone.  At least we can be grateful for that and, yes, eventually, he did find some dignity in his defeat.