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It is infuriating to see them now scurrying and rushing to reduce their interest rates after the outcry at their dilatory and greedy response to the Bank Of England’s massive rate cut.

We are going to to have to drag the w**ker bankers every greasy step of the way to a place where they start behaving responsibly and fulfilling their obligations to us as major shareholders.  We are going to have to watch their dishonest and deceitful efforts to snaffle huge bonuses, in shares if not cash, and we are going to have to treat them as the completely untrustworthy spivs that they are.

What is clear that some of them are already getting away with it because the government has been so weak in stipulating the conditions and “mechanisms”, as Gordon Brown put it, that will control their greed and thievery.

It is time to start naming names and for the work to be done that will uncover and expose those who have manipulated the system for their own ends.

The first candidate for the WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE poster is Bob Diamond of Barclays. 

Bob Diamond, Barclays

Bob Diamond, Barclays

It is generally agreed that he has spurned the government’s rescue package in favour of the Arabs so that he can hang on to his outrageous, undeserved multimillion pound bonus.  I will be researching his record in more detail.

Please submit your nominations for WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE bankers with as much evidence as you can.

Behaving Like Mad Geordie Crackheads

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So is this to be pattern that our rescue of the w**ker bankers will follow?

Northern Rock is now owned by you and me.  Not by Gordon, Alistair and their cronies but by British taxpayers.  Do we want them throwing people out of their homes onto the streets so that we then have to pick up the bill for re-housing and supporting them?

Now that the “new” management has got its greedy hands back on the tiller they’re heading straight for deep water where they can pillage, plunder and overfish yet again.

I say get rid of all the w**ker bankers and put some real business people in charge.  We don’t want the “experience” of those that have mismanaged banks already.  We want new blood, fresh ideas, people who know the reality of business, not the fantasy world of banking.

I hope and pray that our rescue of these organisations will prove successful based on root and branch reform of the way they do business.  We don’t want a few token sacrifices.  We want all the dead and rotten wood cut out.

Let’s remember that these scoundrels still owe most of us many thousands of pounds in illegal bank charges they have stolen from us.  Perhaps as much as £50 billion over the last six years.  The sooner the OFT gets its finger out and resolves this outstanding matter the better.