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Crimewatch On Prohibition

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It’s not my favourite programme.  It’s the BBC doing tabloid exploitation and sensationalising crime.  Since Fiona Bruce was kicked off for being “too old” it’s lost all semblance of any dignity.  I  watched it tonight though and was struck how three out of four of the vile. disgusting crimes featured were all, quite obviously, the product of  prohibition.

The first two were characterised by levels of risk or violence totally out or proportion to the potential gain – crack or smack heads in  need of a fix or a pipe.  The third was clearly a punishment attack over drug debts.

These evil crimes are the product of government policy.  I make no apology nor claim any excuse for the scumbags that committed them but if prohibition was ended, the criminal markets were undercut , then there would be no motive for such evil.  Those few that wished to destroy their lives could do so without being forced into crime against  those innocents who choose a more productive and decent life.

It is the most absurd idiocy of modern government that this moral retribution against those who err is the cause of most crime in our society.

Is it not time that we opened our eyes and employed a touch of common sense?

Written by Peter Reynolds

May 31, 2012 at 9:17 pm

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  1. Well said Peter! I don’t think the general public fully realise how much their lives are affected by our current laws regarding drugs. Under a legal, regulated framework, combined with evidence based education, ALL drugs could be MUCH more effectively controlled and the world would ve a much safer place.

    Always makes me laugh when the say ‘controlled substances’ – what a joke! Surely the correct term is ‘UNcontrolled substances’?!


    May 31, 2012 at 9:44 pm

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