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Banks Get Taxpayers’ Money To Lend To Businesses And Homebuyers But Keep It for Themselves.

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question-markBankers Are Thieves.

It’s a crime. There should be hundreds of them in jail.

Written by Peter Reynolds

March 4, 2013 at 10:40 pm

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  1. We have been trying to get our wonderful South Yorkshire Police to investigate our fathers death for nearly 9 years. All the proof of how he was killed is on this web site set up by my sister. see

    South Yorkshire Police were at the house when dad eventually died after having terminal drugs forced into his 83 year old body by nurses, no doctor saw my father and the newly set up on call doctors service the lying thieving woman used to arrange the death claiming dad had oesophageal cancer, which the Pathology Report proves was not the case and so did the Consultant, who was never contacted.

    All very convenient, when you consider dad held in trust £1.5m for his own children and family, after working together in a very successful family business for many years.

    Police did come out within minutes to make sure my sister and I left the village in Moss, Doncaster after dad’s death. They stated they had been informed we were going back to the house to cause an affray, but they had been to the house and met the two officers who were already there. Officers we knew were there.
    SY Police have claimed these two officers who approaced us leaving a local pub after having tea, before we drove the 20 miles home, were not there, but my sister took their badge numbers.

    We have so much evidence that our father was deliberately killed, yet they have refused to investigate

    Two Coroners involved in dad’s inquest, were also deliberately ignoring the evidence.

    see see GP notes for 15th March 2004 which proves Dr. David Brown was telephoned and by “A Patient” and told dad did have oeophageal cancer and then see the letter from the Gastroenterologist Dr. Gary James dated 14th March 2006 (two years later) which proves he reported dad’s endoscopy on 15th March 2004 “There was no evidence of malignancy ie cancer and no dysplasia which are pre cancerous cells”.

    So why didn’t the Coroners get his information for the inquest. A complete and utter cover up has taken place and a great deal of money gone missing.

    Can you help us get this information in the public arena?

    Many thanks


    Linda Kirby

    March 31, 2013 at 2:33 pm

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