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Banks Get Taxpayers’ Money To Lend To Businesses And Homebuyers But Keep It for Themselves.

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question-markBankers Are Thieves.

It’s a crime. There should be hundreds of them in jail.

Written by Peter Reynolds

March 4, 2013 at 10:40 pm

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Hacked Off’s Leveson Petition Passes 100,000 Signatures

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hacked-off-logoCongratulations on this achievement. We need to go much further though.

This corrupt government has already reneged on its e-petition pledge and ignored many that have grown well past the 100,000 mark.

The people of Britain are stitched up every day by the oligarchy of Westminster, the press and the banks and we need to fight back. This is an excellent cause around which to unite.

The press barons are a self-serving, dishonest collection of owners and editors who manipulate their power and their contacts for personal political and financial gain. They and their sleazy hacks are entirely distinct from the noble profession of journalism.

At all costs we must resist any attempt to revert to ‘self-regulation’. The lunatics have been in charge of the asylum for too long.


Written by Peter Reynolds

December 2, 2012 at 8:54 pm

How About A Public Hanging To Celebrate The Diamond Jubilee?

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Written by Peter Reynolds

June 30, 2012 at 9:52 am

Who Is The Unfairest Of Them All?

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Amidst the roar of gunfire from the deliberate, calculated massacre by evil Israeli stormtroopers and the tragedy of a crazed lunatic in Cumbria, there is yet another political scandal that cannot be allowed to pass.

Overpaid, Incompetent And Unfair

John Fingleton, Chief Executive of the Office Of Fair Trading, the man who let the British banks off the £40 billion they stole from British consumers, turns out to be the highest paid civil servant in the country.  See here.  This is the most unfair trading of all and makes a mockery of any concept of “fairness”.

He is responsible for the disastrous failure to protect British consumers from the greedy banker robbers who plundered their accounts with outrageous and illegal charges.  He led the badly organised legal challenge to the banks thievery which the Supreme Court turned away as misdirected.  The Supreme Court then invited the OFT to revert to them on a different basis but for reasons that have never been properly explained, Fingleton just gave up.  See here for the full story.

This man is not only unfair but incompetent.  No one is responsible for more unfair treatment of British consumers than he.  It is a scandal that he is even still in his job let alone paid at such an exorbitant rate.

There Are Lies, Damned Lies And Then There’s Gordon Brown

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How he has the bare faced cheek to claim that he’s been saying “for months” that the banks should have been more tightly regulated!!  The man has been incredible for some time but even for him this latest, astonishing volte face is truly astounding.

The Big Fibber

Our Prime Minister is nothing short of a liar.  When he appears tonight on the first ever great TV debate let us hope that his true colours are revealed.  Messrs Cameron and Clegg have the opportunity to drive home the coffin nails into Gordon Brown’s premiership.  Let them strike hard and true.  The country needs relief from this shabby little man, his putrid ideas and his shameful politics.

Written by Peter Reynolds

April 15, 2010 at 2:20 pm

What Is A Supreme Court For?

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Is it to overlook Parliament’s clear intent and to focus on the minutiae of poorly drafted legislation?  Is it to preserve and strengthen the law or is it to be focused on justice?  Is it to consider cases only on the basis of pleadings presented by barristers or should it look to the wider issue?  Is it to bolster the use of disproportionate power with which big institutions bully their customers or should it be to enforce fairness?  Is it for “distinguished” lawyers to live out their latter years in fine, new ermine robes in luxurious surroundings or is it  to promote justice?

I don’t know.  Do you?

Written by Peter Reynolds

November 26, 2009 at 5:48 pm

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Police Misconduct

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The outrageous arrest and detention of Tory MP, Damian Green is a dangerous and worrying mistake of the most serious proportions.

Those responsible for this must be held to account for an error of judgement that is, literally, unforgiveable.

In this the Metroplitan Police should look to the BBC for an example rather than the banks or the government.  The people responsible must lose their jobs without compensation.

The full story:

Written by Peter Reynolds

November 29, 2008 at 1:17 pm

Experian And Equifax – Tyrants And Oppressors

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Recently I have been the victim of false and inaccurate information published on my credit file.  I am certain that there are hundreds of thousands of other people in the same position.  Experian and Equifax, the two key offenders in this, seem to be above the law, certainly above justice.  They can say what they want with impunity and if you want to do anything about it you are faced with convoluted, complicated and lengthy processes that are clearly designed to grind you down and deter any correction of the nonsense that these modern day robber barons want to publish.

The Data Protection Act, which is supposed to protect us from such iniquitous conduct and the Information Commissioner, who is supposed to be our guardian in such matters, are both toothless, useless and all part of the self-sustaining system promulgated by the banks which is a matter of national scandal.

Of course, a large part of their power comes from the fact that nobody wants to put their head above the parapet for fear of making their own position worse.  This is the real iniquity which makes their oppression self-sustaining, in fact, makes it stronger and stronger the longer it is allowed to continue.

At the most basic level you are entitled under law to get a copy of your own credit file within seven days for a fee of £2.00.  I wonder if anyone has ever actually achieved this?  It took me something in excess of six weeks to get mine after I’d been told that my requests hadn’t been received, that my identity needed to be verified, that they had a large backlog of requests.  They use the Data Protection Act as a reason they cannot  comply with the Data Protection Act and if you make a complaint to the Information Commissioner, as I have, well you might as well p**s in the wind because it just gets lost in a morass of queues, delays, bureaucracy and I expect I’ll be lucky to hear anything a year from now.

There are many, many more impenetrable layers to this.  Experian and Equifax both operate some of the worst designed, most difficult websites I have ever come across.  They provide you with reference numbers that when you enter them precisely as given to you in writing you are told that they are in an “incorrect format”.  They promise to acknowledge queries but do not do so.  They provide hundreds and hundreds of pages of useless, confusing, mind-numbing “information” which you have to wade through before you can make a specific enquiry.

There is only one conclusion that any reasonable person can make and that it that these websites are deliberately designed to obfuscate, to confuse and to deter the man in the street from proceeding any further.

I discovered a County Court Judgment registered against me in a case where I am suing a local authority (yes, I am suing them!) and in which I have a document in front of me with a Court stamp stating that no such judgment exists.  I discovered another entirely fictitious judgment which was shown on my credit file this month (August), supposedly made in 2006, which did not show on my own copy of my credit file in June.

The buck really does stop with the Information Commissioner but he, Richard Thomas, appointed by the Queen, as I have already demonstrated, is worse than useless and is merely a sop to deflect any concern about this dastardly conduct that the banks and financial tyrants are engaged in.

The Banks, The OFT, Avarice and Evil

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At last, some straight talking from the OFT about the way the Banks treat consumers.  As if we didn’t know it already but there is no excuse for the way these evil institutions have been allowed to operate and there can be no more compromise or filibuster about the consequences for them. They behave as if they are above the law.  They conduct themselves in ways which in any other context would be defined as theft and fraud.  Whilst they throw people out of their homes, deny legitimate business the means to operate, they let their cocaine-fuelled gamblers take ludicrous risks on ridiculous schemes and all the time present themselves as the backbone of our financial system.

Christ’s rage in the temple is the precise analogy.   It is time that we saw some of these silver haired, grey suited monsters in jail.  Their depth of corruption and manipulation and creation of misery has no comparison.  Right now the financial squeeze we are all suffering is entirely down to the incompetence of the banks in making lending decisions based only on the greed of individuals conspiring to create multi-million pound bonuses for themselves.  They deny honest, hard-working people the means to progress or recover but there is no consequence for themselves when things go wrong.

Let us pray that the OFT follows through on this properly and brings to heel these out of control, rabid dogs.

Written by Peter Reynolds

July 16, 2008 at 7:51 am

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