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Cut Off His Head.

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Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma

I am relieved that Britain pulled back from the brink yesterday and Cameron was curbed in his self-serving, warmongering ambition.

Assad is a monster but he’s also a puppet. He is simply a figurehead in a Saville Row suit. The Syrian regime is a paranoid, myopic, self-serving bunch of gangsters, nothing more. It doesn’t have anything to do with Islam, it’s about tribalism and grudges and greed.

Assad is not that different from Cameron.  The oligarchy that runs Britain is also composed of gangsters. They oppress but in more subtle ways. They cause huge harm and exploit individuals for their own ends.  They do it with the deception that we live in a fair and just democracy.  There is death and deprivation and injustice in Britain as well. It is the scale that is different.

I can see no benefit to anyone in the sort of limited military intervention that is proposed. The Syrian army is hugely powerful and well equipped. Russia has a financial interest in continuing to supply it with weapons just as America has with Israel. The US momentum for action is insincere and driven by the arms industry and its massive financial and employment interests

There is a better argument for outright invasion and regime change but that is a huge step which I don’t believe we should take – yet.

cameronbeastA better solution would be special forces-led assassination squads targeting the ruling elite. It may be costly in casualties but better a few dozen volunteer soldiers should die doing their job than the collateral damage inevitable in air and missile strikes.  I don’t want our soldiers to die for politicians’ weakness.  Let them be given a clear objective for death or glory, not sent to the modern version of the trenches as in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The moral question is easy in my view. Any justification for launching a cruise missile is better justification for targeted assassination. Use drones, even use cruise missiles as assassination weapons but we have to be much, much smarter than the dumb George Bush ‘shock and awe’ tactic that is as much about grandstanding as doing anything effective.

Take out the leadership, one by one.  Decapitate the beast.

Written by Peter Reynolds

August 31, 2013 at 8:03 am

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  1. None of our business. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

    James Mac

    August 31, 2013 at 3:02 pm

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