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We Trusted Our Leaders Never to Permit Another Holocaust.

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We relaxed really, complacent, appalled at the past but confident that we as civilised people would never allow a tyrant to commit genocide, cause suffering on such a scale.  But that is exactly what Putin is doing in Ukraine.

The truth is our leaders are weak, indecisive and cowardly.  There is no leadership, merely reaction to opinion polls, focus groups and newspaper headlines.  None of them has the mettle that is required.  All of them will evade any courageous decision and any action they do take will be because they have been forced into it.

This is the perfect scenario for a bully and despot like Putin but we have already seen that the courage of the people of Ukraine is beating him back.  Were it not for the sheer quantity of soldiers and firepower that he has, he would already be defeated and probably disappeared to Siberia.

I believe the people of Europe, Britain and the EU countries are courageous like the Ukrainians, far more courageous than our leaders.

The only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him, exactly as the Ukrainians are demonstrating.  We have submitted to Putin in Syria. We have appeased him over Crimea. We have stood back and watched him flatten Mariupol and now start the forced deportation of refugees – perhaps to slave labour or extermination camps?

We must stop him. Supplying arms and aid to Ukraine is helping to hold him back and he is running out of resources to run his war.  He is being backed into a corner, so we are creating the same peril as if we were fully engaged in the war.  He could easily unleash chemical, biological or nuclear weapons without any further reason.

I believe we have the capability from US and British warships in the Black Sea to impose a no-fly zone instantly and to launch devastating cruise missiles and air strikes at his key frontline units and supply lines.

My view is we should also have special forces engaged on assassination missions, multiple teams, each trying different routes and methods to locate and kill him.  This is the ethical choice, rather than military action that inevitably kills civilians.  The US, Britain and France have the military capability for this and now is the time to act.

We must not cower in fear, for if we do continue to permit these crimes against humanity then we become complicit in them.  I and I believe the majority of European people have the courage to act now and face him down.  If we do not, we may not get another chance.

Written by Peter Reynolds

March 24, 2022 at 6:13 pm

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Assassination Is the Ethical Option.

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I am for assassination of Putin and key Russian government and military officers.

sniper4 rifleThis is the option that minimises casualties and puts most risk on professionals who have chosen their role.  Special forces would welcome this task. They may bear heavy casualties before they succeed but they are volunteers and it is better than the death of civilians, particularly children. Multiple small teams infiltrating by helicopter, HALO parachute jump and every possible route equipped with our most sophisticated weaponry.  Many will die but only one needs to succeed.

It’s what we should have done with Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Netanyahu and Assad.  In any circumstances, if there is justification for action that may result in civilian casualties, there is better justification for assassination.  It’s the ethical option.

Written by Peter Reynolds

February 26, 2022 at 8:15 pm

Cut Off His Head.

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Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma

I am relieved that Britain pulled back from the brink yesterday and Cameron was curbed in his self-serving, warmongering ambition.

Assad is a monster but he’s also a puppet. He is simply a figurehead in a Saville Row suit. The Syrian regime is a paranoid, myopic, self-serving bunch of gangsters, nothing more. It doesn’t have anything to do with Islam, it’s about tribalism and grudges and greed.

Assad is not that different from Cameron.  The oligarchy that runs Britain is also composed of gangsters. They oppress but in more subtle ways. They cause huge harm and exploit individuals for their own ends.  They do it with the deception that we live in a fair and just democracy.  There is death and deprivation and injustice in Britain as well. It is the scale that is different.

I can see no benefit to anyone in the sort of limited military intervention that is proposed. The Syrian army is hugely powerful and well equipped. Russia has a financial interest in continuing to supply it with weapons just as America has with Israel. The US momentum for action is insincere and driven by the arms industry and its massive financial and employment interests

There is a better argument for outright invasion and regime change but that is a huge step which I don’t believe we should take – yet.

cameronbeastA better solution would be special forces-led assassination squads targeting the ruling elite. It may be costly in casualties but better a few dozen volunteer soldiers should die doing their job than the collateral damage inevitable in air and missile strikes.  I don’t want our soldiers to die for politicians’ weakness.  Let them be given a clear objective for death or glory, not sent to the modern version of the trenches as in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The moral question is easy in my view. Any justification for launching a cruise missile is better justification for targeted assassination. Use drones, even use cruise missiles as assassination weapons but we have to be much, much smarter than the dumb George Bush ‘shock and awe’ tactic that is as much about grandstanding as doing anything effective.

Take out the leadership, one by one.  Decapitate the beast.

Written by Peter Reynolds

August 31, 2013 at 8:03 am

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The Persecution Of Julian Assange

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Foolish Hero

I disagree with the release of so many confidential diplomatic messages.  I see no benefit from it at all but I will defend, with my life if necessary, the right of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to publish them.

Those vile and fascist Americans who have called for his assassination are guilty of incitement to murder.  If they set foot on British soil they should be arrested immediately.  They disgrace their great country and its constitution.

Assange is a fool and WikiLeaks is irresponsible but these are questions of degree and judgement.   If there is wrongdoing in the information they have it should be released.  If it is just mischievous exposure of confidential and private correspondence then it is wrong.

I am in great difficulty over the denial of bail.   The charges are clearly preposterous,  incredible and politically motivated.   He surrendered voluntarily to the police.  On balance, particularly given the sureties offered by John Pilger, Jemima Khan and Ken Loach, he should not have been remanded in custody.  He is to apply again and I pray that British justice, so often wanting of late, will rise to the challenge.

Release Julian Assange.  Protect him from the Americans.

Written by Peter Reynolds

December 7, 2010 at 7:30 pm