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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Sparks Fury By Comparing Israel To The Nazis.

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Roger Waters, bass, Pink Floyd.

Roger Waters, bass, Pink Floyd.

The parallels between Israel and Germany in the 1930s are ‘crushingly obvious’.


He’s right. The Israeli state is engaged in brutal subjugation of the Palestinians in exactly the same way as the Nazis treated the Jews.

It’s not on the same scale. Netanyahu isn’t herding millions into gas chambers but the effect is the same on each individual.  The level of immorality is the same and the vile, zionist state of Israel will persist in infamy for the rest of history just as the Nazis. As will those who comprise the despicable US Israel lobby, members of which are complict in the genocide. Palestinians may not die from Zyklon B, instead it is white phosphorous, tanks and F16s against civilians and guerilla resistance.

Of course, just as in Germany in the 1930s, there will be many innocents who oppose their own government’s actions.  Clearly, many Israelis are good people but there are also worryingly large numbers who are apathetic or ambivalent at a time when courage in the face of evil is a moral duty.

I first wrote similar words on this website in 2009 since when I have been been systematically harassed and abused, not just by zionists but by the sort of scum who will twist any strongly-held opinion to their own, dishonest ends.  My articles have been edited to portray me as an anti-semite and shared across the world to demonise me. I have had hate websites and Facebook pages set up about me. My children and elderly parents have been harassed and abused.  In 2012, the hatred and continuing abuse severly affected my health.  It still continues to this day although I have learned better how to cope with it.

Inevitably, when I became a public figure and was elected as leader of CLEAR, my articles were used against me.  Even those who had recognised my support for Palestine, as soon as they saw they could distort my opinions to their advantage, blatantly reversed their position, embarked on a construction of lies and untruths against me.

When, in due course, in the High Court, the depth of their dishonesty becomes clear, it is their own words that will condemn them to all who believed their lies.

But such men are pygmies compared to those who have the courage to speak the truth in the face of evil.  Just like the monsters who drive the Israeli machine of oppression, judgment will be visited on them in the end.

I shall have to dig out my old Floyd LPs.  It is rewarding to find support in old friends.

Written by Peter Reynolds

December 15, 2013 at 5:45 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Dear Mr Reynolds,

    Please take down all references to me Robin Wilding-Mitton from your site immediately. Criminal conspirators posing as other people are using your site to try and incriminate me. The offenders are part of a violent paedophile rape network and I would appreciate the IP addresses of posters such as Rosemarie so that the offenders can be traced and dealt with. Thank you.


    Robin Wilding-Mitton

    Robin Wilding-Mitton

    December 23, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    • No idea what you’re on about I’m afraid.

      Peter Reynolds

      December 24, 2013 at 7:21 am

  2. I won’t be using terms like “vile, zionist state of Israel” though I do agree with most of your post. We should not forget Mechoulam and others who contributed to the vastly important liberation of cannabis while working in Israel. If you must blame somebody for the vile treatment of Palestinians, blame the USA which for centuries has considered itself “The Promised land”, “Hope of the World” etc. (“American Exceptionalism”), and of which present-day Israel is a projection (or of a certain domineering strain of Oldtestamentarianism which masquerades as “Protestantism” in the USA, not just US Jews). The Palestinians (Palaced Indians, get it?) are receiving a rehash of what the “redskins” received from the “settlers” in those heroic days of yore. Even Hitler only wanted to do to Jews what settlers did to “injuns” and to Polacks what slavemasters did to blacks, etc. Dr. Freud’s pun theories explain all this stuff handily.

    I read that during a period in 2005-6, 400 Palestinians were killed compared with 3 Israelis; compare that with the Book of Joshua 6-8 when the deaths of 36 Israelites were avenged by killing 10,000 residents of Ai (next after Jericho where 10,000 were also killed). Or think of the bombing of Dresden and Hiroshima (over 80,000 each). “The Bible is to Blame,” and more bibles have been printed in the USA than anyplace else on earth.

    I think a more candid and productive reformulation of Israel would be for it to be annexed as the 51st State of the USA (it has about the same population as New Germany oops sorry Jewsy. Puerto Rico could be the 52nd). It could continue to have the same wealth and security it has today or better.

    Meanwhile, the USA could (given sufficient imagination and promotion of the idea) solve the critical problem of the plight of the Palestinians, and of other groups like refugees from Sudan, Somalia and Syria– form the Deadwood Abatement Brigade. The US taxpayer has good reason to invest some money in preventing $billion-dollar wildfires (such as one this very month in California)! Invite and hire millions of impoverished, underemployed persons and families from places like Palestine, even Greece and Spain, give them anvil pruner, ratchet pruner, handsaw, hatchet and other tools to clip, cut, pick up, bundle, shred, pulverize, log, trim dead branches and dry litter from drought-stricken lands where forest fires.

    Scrap Lumber Carpentry– truck logs and poles to town where they can be made into lumber for carpentry and manufacturing, replacing live-cut trees and preventing deforestation.

    Gullywood/Bushwater— haul unworkable dry wood, litter, weedstalks to gullies, ravines, dry creekbeds, of which there are millions of miles, and form elongated bio-mass mounds with dust and chips at the hottom and bundled weedstalks at the top, in order to retard stormwater runoff and instead permit evaporating moisture locally to enhance rainfall in dry uplands. (Where we got the name– an AP wirephoto showed President G. W. Bush, ax in hand, with the caption, “Bush takes a whack at forest fires.”)

    SEED DENSELY WITH HEMP which will grow roots deep down and grip the bio-mass, preventing erosion! After a growing season or two, the HEMP will have deposited rich fertile litter serving as a topsoil from which to grow trees. Then seed with fast-growing perennials like ailanthus, eucalyptus, cottonwood, willow (depending on your climate). After a decade or two, seed with noble pines and hardwoods we want our children to live among.

    Hemigration— the US can form a partnership with Southern Hemisphere countries, Australia, Brasil, Chile etc., with provision for migration every half year for DAB workers and their families to perform in perpetual summer (for one thing, it’s easier to tell the difference between live and dead branches). After several semesters of meritorious service, families can choose a new country to live in.

    Capitalism isn’t going away, so hire companies like Blackwater and Halliburton to provide safe camp living, food catering, daycare, access to computers/internet, English, Spanish and other language training classes and seminars and all other necessary services.

    From the US domestic population and from UK and other countries recruit teachers, professors, counselors, students, interns, biologists, wood product experts, ex-offenders working off jail time and everyone capable of understanding the importance of such a mission. Maybe I’ll see you in a year or two in Colorado, California, Canada or wherever working on the HEMP section of the project?


    December 23, 2013 at 8:58 pm

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