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For All The Hysteria About Cannabis And Psychosis, Here Are The Facts.

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Charles Walker MP. A Scaremonger Without A Cause.

Charles Walker MP. A Scaremonger Without A Cause.

Charles Walker MP, Parliament’s cheerleader for the ‘skunk scaremongerers’ shot himself and his hysterical campaign in the foot yesterday.

He had submitted a parliamentary written question asking:

“…how many people under 18 years of age have been treated in NHS-funded mental health units for cannabis-induced psychosis in each of the last five years?”

The answer from Jane Ellison MP, minister of state at the Department of Health, must have gravely disappointed Mr Walker.  She revealed there have been average of just over 28 ‘finished admission episodes’ for each of the past five years.  That doesn’t necessarily mean 28 people as it could include the same person being admitted more than once.

Of course, each of these 28 cases is a tragedy for the people involved and nothing must distract from that but it clearly shows that in public health terms, ‘cannabis psychosis’ (which some senior psychiatrists don’t even believe is a genuine diagnosis) is virtually unheard of.  So much for the endless newspaper columns, the endlessly repeated ‘studies’ that never reach any conclusion and the endless moralising and deceit from those who make money from this scare story – either from providing ‘therapy’ or by fleecing money from those prepared to fund so-called science that sets out to reach a pre-determined conclusion.

Of course, not only are these cases very, very few in number but they have arisen under the present policy of prohibition when the market is in the hands of criminals.  How much could we reduce this number if government took a responsible approach and regulated the market?  With proper quality control, age limits, better education and harm reduction surely we could make the cannabis market safer than it is in the hands of the criminal underworld?

Dr Trevor Turner, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Trevor Turner, Consultant Psychiatrist

“I don’t think it causes mental illness. I have never seen a case of so-called cannabis psychosis.”

Dr Trevor Turner, East London and City University Mental Health NHS Trust


So this is very, very bad news for Charles Walker, for his sponsor, Mary Brett of ‘Cannabis Skunk Sense’, for Peter Hitchens, David Raynes, Sarah Graham, Theresa May and hundreds of rehab clinics, therapists and charlatans who talk up the cannabis psychosis scare story.  The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, which systematically misrepresent and distort evidence on the subject are exposed for what they are. Even those on the reform side like Transform, who have chosen the dubious path of talking up cannabis as ‘dangerous’ in order to sell their consultancy services, are disgraced.  Their credibility is destroyed.  Their argument is false and it always has been.

The husband and wife team of Professor Sir Robin Murray and Dr Marta Di Fiori, have built up a family business in skunk scaremongering.  Every year they release another ‘study’ which says almost exactly the same as the last one, never shows any causative effect but is relentlessly exaggerated and regurgitated for those who want to demonise cannabis and cannabis users.  Their last point is always ‘more research is needed’.  I wonder is there anyone stupid enough out there to continue funding this vendetta against the three million people in the UK that enjoy cannabis or use it as medicine?  Similarly in Australia, Professor Wayne Hall and his colleagues at the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre, have built their careers and made a lot of money pursuing this futile goal of proof that cannabis cause mental illness.  The figures prove them all wrong. They are all self-serving propagandists and deceivers, nothing more.

These figures are more than evidence, they are facts and they prove that ‘cannabis psychosis’ is such an infinitesimally small risk, that we really need to stop wasting so much time, energy and money on it. We need to get on, legalise, regulate and start bringing the market under proper control, stop wasting money on futile law enforcement and research and start generating tax revenue and providing therapeutic and financial benefits for the whole community.

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  1. So so so true. I often wonder where they are hiding all these people with cannabis induced phycosis they go on about, i’ve known a few people with serious mental health issues and i can honestly say none of them were cannabis users. The biggest threat to mental health i have come across in the last few years i’d these various new synthetic drugs. I know of atleast half a dozen people from our area that had been using them and commited suicide. I appreciate there is many factors involved but completely out of the blue and seemingly fairly happy before. Real shame and another product of prohibition. Cannabis is far safer


    April 15, 2016 at 4:33 pm

  2. I was diagnosed with mental health issues particually depression i still suffer from it greatly at times even though im surrounded by a loving family a beautiful daughter and partner with a very strong and healthy relationship, i still have the struggles and i was using medication from the nhs to combat it, at first it was working greatly then i started having sleep problems, particually insomnia and night terrors not somthing that runs in the family so i tried getting medication for that and the nhs refused me, i was on 2 hours or less of interupted sleep a day, i was getting angry at small things i was treating those close to me who never deserved it, im usually the sarcastic smiling person, i lost my appetite and i lost over 3 stone ( being 6ft and only weighing 10 stone to start with) i was losing it, the nhs wouldnt help me and dont get me wrong its one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but i turned to cannabis its effects including the phycosis to help me out, 2 months later i had put on 1 and a half stone, i sleep for a fantastic 6 to 8 hours a night. and i no longer suffer from depression as much, i can still feel it there but its not at all bad as before, i no longer take medication for depression, apart from a nice “joint” on a night before bed, i hope the people who continue to say cannabis is bad for people realise that the only people they are trying to kid is themselves, i do not care at all if i am branded a criminal for self medicating im not one to go against the law my last time was being in my teenage years but i will stand up for what i beleive in regardless of the conquiences. Its a plant it has healing and medical properties as i have witnessed firsthand. just corrupt institutions like the goverment and rich pharmasutical companies who cant benifit there own pockets from regulating it are stopping people like me from getting the help they need.

    Craig Dorward

    April 15, 2016 at 9:30 pm

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