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Cancel All Foreign Aid, Get Out Of The EU And Look After My People!

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Port Talbot Steelworks

Port Talbot Steelworks

If it wasn’t for the miners and steelworkers of South Wales, the UK would now be a province of the Third Reich.  As it is, the disastrous  incompetence of  the last Labour government, topped off by out-of-touch toffs has brought us to the point where if we stay in the EU, we will be just a subsidiary of Frau Merkel’s Greater Germany.

Call them Keystone Cops, Bullingdon Club Blaggers or Carry on No 10, the loons that sit round the cabinet table in Downing Street have failed this country and should be sent packing back to their country seats. They have no idea what Britain really is and even less how to lead us into an uncertain future.

The ramifications of South Wales steel pervade our economy and our society.  It has made Britain great while Blair, Brown, Cameron and the self-serving political elite have diminished us in every way: financially, socially and morally.  We are a shadow of our former selves. We must wrest back control from these idiots.  They are an exact parallel with overpaid Premier League footballers: utterly selfish, egotistical to the ultimate, irresponsible of everything that does not benefit them directly and despised except of the power they hold. Footballers have their brains in their feet.  Our political leaders have their brains in their wallets, pension funds and the sinecures they will acquire when they leave office.

My grandfather was a South Wales steelworker.  It was career progress after he first went down the mines at age 14.  In 1938, my father was malnourished with rickets because he didn’t have enough food to eat.  It was only that year with the build-up to war that grandad had regular shifts and the family could be properly fed. Later my father won a scholarship to Oxford.  In the 80s and 90s he became one of the top commercial lawyers in the City and independently wealthy.  He was the archetypal boy from the valleys made good.  Such is the way that South Wales steel has built Britain and not just with girders, RSJs and driving piles for foundations.  It goes much deeper than that in ways that many of the Eton-educated wasters and ponces can never understand.

We must look after our own first.  It is ludicrous that we have thousand using foodbanks, we’re cutting benefits for disabled people and meanwhile we’re giving £12 billion a year away in foreign aid, £300 million to India which spends its own money on a space programme! We also pay £13 billion each year to the EU. We have to stop this madness.

Any independent nation of significance must have its own steel manufacturing capability. We are the fifth biggest economy in the world.  Save our steel industry by nationalising it.  It’s not socialism, it’s common sense.

Written by Peter Reynolds

April 6, 2016 at 3:44 pm

4 Responses

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  1. Your missing the point a bit i feel Pete, even if we did leave the EU is there any part of you that thinks the Tory party would spend the ‘savings’ on any of the things theyve cut, of course not, and also is it CLEAR’s policy to back Brexit or is that a personal held belief because I would have to recind my memebership of CLEAR if it did indeed support Brexit.

    Neal Lewis

    April 7, 2016 at 2:57 am

    • CLEAR does not have a policy on the EU, it’s sole concern is cannabis law reform. CLEAR members and followers come from all points on the political compass. As far as I am concerned it has to be ‘leave’ and it’s nothing to do with immigration, benefits or even the economy. I don’t even mind if we take a short term economic hit. It’s a much more fundamental principle – self-determination.

      Peter Reynolds

      April 7, 2016 at 6:51 am

  2. There a lot of things people do not understand about the economy, like how money is created or fractional lending! And then all the trade deals some dependent on eu membership! This is more complicated than what’s been said in the media, most of the media wants briext as the EU for their own agendas! We have cameron supporting TTIP and that could spell the end of clear! Maybe you should look into that Pete!


    April 8, 2016 at 10:34 am

  3. to peter Reynolds-pete I don’t think hardly any of the poorest half of society -so people earning less than about 22 000 per year would be happy or feel obliged or sympathetic towards the steel workers on what ? 30 000 or 40 000 ? or 50 000? per year with overtime .
    nor do I think the poorest half os society would appreciate subsidising the gold plated pensions or sick pay and union perks of the steel workers-given them 3 times or even up to 4 times the household main wage earners in millions of houses.
    the poor workers and unemployed-have not only tiny incomes and responsibilities to try to meet on their incomes of 12 000 or 14 000 or 16 000 or 18 000 per year but they also work without guaranteed hours -ie in zero hour contract scenarios with no sick pay and no pension and the constant bullying and threats that often accompany such work conditions-they also tend to work the longest hours in the country and in the most dangerous conditions-on building sites and with asbestos and every other unpleasant scenario imaginable like rape and violence and threats of being sacked if they ever do go sick one day etc.
    now on top of all that they suffer and all poor peoples suffering in the uk-they are also expected to subsidise thick lazy gold plated guys who are unsackable and who work on 2 or 3 or 4 times the salaries of the poor and even more when it is the disabled or unemployed -and why ? because the business loses 2.5 million per day -so this seems not only stupid and harmful and a dangerous precedent butit also seems grotesquely unfair-to make such vulnerable and often hard working dirt poor people have to subsidise such rich and protected and pensioned guys in a failed industry forever.
    anyone who thinks making someone on say 15 000 a year with no pension or sick pay have to subsidise someone on 45 000 a year with every perk and protection and sick pay and a gold plated pension -is someone who doesn’t seem to know maths or fairness or justice and also someone who doesn’t care about the poor and hardest workers and least protected-I do and I prioritise them above the rest.i even go so far as to say hard work and skills and profitable industries deserve some reward -in steel I see none of my thoughts being reflected in the media-the poor have always been ignored by all commentators-bar none and so that doesn’t surprise me.
    the standard cases of media favourites like docs and firemen and steel workers or oil rig workers or miners or ship builders or nurses or teachers -all of which are lazy and thick and super protected and have powerful allies-not least because they are almost all in very powerful unions or were-as obviously the very wealthy miners and ship builders have already priced themselves out of existence.
    so I am speaking on behalf of the dirt poor-that’s the poor half of the population-and not one steel worker is employed in the poor half and never has been historically.
    unions have never done anything for the poor in society and never done anything for society either local or national.
    I have worked in heavy industry and I have been in a union and I have been disabled and I have some knowledge-though I am thick -but I know unions only promote the interests of their employees and they do that ultimately through threatening industrial action-which is designed to hurt the poorest and most vulnerable in the country-that is all they do -they are as big a problem to progressive society and flexibility and fairness etc as the landed gentry and farmers and the tax avoiding rich and super rich.
    I have known employees in these industries and worked with them-they all say as do the people on tv when asked-and that is …. it pays so well and its so easy and so protected and I don’t have to put up with any shit as the union guarantee everything for us-they all travel hundreds of miles to get these jobs as the jobs are uniquely brilliant for lazy and thick people or clever shirkers or those that consider themselves successful if they earn a multiple of what their neighbours at home earn-none of which is bad per sae-but what right do you have to call for the dirt poor folk to have to subsidise these very wealthy and super pensioned lucky few? its immoral and makes no economic sense and it rewards unionised threatening methods-which led to the gold plated pensions and super inflated wages.
    what have unions ever done? prevented people from getting nhs treatment? prevented people travelling-non car drivers rely on trains for example.
    unions have prevented teachers being sacked for incompetence and even for paedophile behaviour -we are told that between 10 000 and 150 000 teachers in this country are not competent or qualified or have sex assault allegations and we are told virtually none are sackable and certainly none have been sacked to date-ever.
    so it is suggested the first year 10 000 teachers should be sacked and replaced by teachers who are competent and adequately qualified and safe for children and then every year this should occur thereafter till teachers are eventually all safe and competent-but unions have prevented this ever being done-unions have done no good and failed industries do no good and wealthy unskilled workers deserve zero sympathy from dirt poor people when asked to subsidise the expectaions of those lucky few in situations like that faced by the steel workers today.
    have you peter never considered these points? don’t you care about the 33 million poor and dirt poor people? or even the homeless and desperate ?-why do you feel so much sympathy with unskilled folk in the top 20% of wage earners in the most unionised jobs in the uk ?
    why do you care so much that you think even the dirt poor must all continue to live with less than nothing to make sure the 45 000 a year gold plated pension steel workers never have to adjust to a life where they have to work or suffer or go without like the millions you want to subsidise them ?
    doesn’t society mean anything to you? even just as an ideal? do you have a concept of fairness? do you truly defend your 3 day a week 1970’s power cut mentality economic theory ? I lived through the 1970’s and it was hell-the unions wrecked this country-it was almost at the point of civil war -fights over stocking up on sugar and bread and petrol and litter piled up like mountains and the dead un-buried.
    pay your way economics makes sense-do not prop up failed industries and don’t fight for down skilling and against progressive developments and do not borrow and don’t victimise the non union employees and reward the unionised and when all that is done then prioritise stability-so trains always run and hospitals always stay open and power stations never close and then target the poorest and most vulnerable and most deserving first- you obviously don’t agree with any of this and personally I doubt you even know what I have said? I doubt you have ever thought about fairness? or worried about the homeless or poor or disabled?
    I voted labour all my life and never will again-its ukip or green or independent -I hate the establishment -which offers us a 2 party system that either favour subsidising farmers and allowing the wealthy to avoid tax entirely or only supports the unionised and strike threatening and London champagne socialists -who seem to hate the poor and hate the non London 90% of us and hate white and English people .
    I am an atheist and republican and was a life long labour voter-even a supporter of the plo in Palestine and a bit of a Marxist and anti-racist but all that has changed because the establishment is crooked to the core-labour liberal and tory mps to a man protect paedophiles in Westminster-they live in a world that doesn’t have any over lap with the majority of this country who are still English white dirt poor or poor working class-you don’t even see people like that on tv anymore-the working class disappeared from our TV’s when Arthur scargill lost the miners strike-30 years ago-remember that before then most people on tv were white English working class? so I say to anyone reading this please don’t ever vote for the 3 evil establishment parties-never vote labour tory or liberal -stop co-operating and playing ball with the establishment stitch up of us.
    this is the only way to improve democracy stop the Westminster paedophiles and protect the vulnerable and poorest and allow freedom of speech etc .
    we are now said to be bottom of some league table of democracy or human rights -in the developed world-it is truly shocking how this has come about-we have the greatest censorship and greatest survelience in the developed world -the establishment stitch up is priority number one -vote ukip or green and vote brexit and drop ttip and remove the eliteby refusing to do as they tell us to do.
    if you are outside the uk vote trump or sanders or la’penn or whoever is non establishment .
    we should also outlaw the masonic lodges and force the banks to discose their accounts to prevent tax dodging and money laundering and we should even kick out the royals and take our land back and end the house of lords and change the voting system to p.r. and watch democracy increase year on year-I wouldn’t care if we were poorer because of this-it would be worth it as wealth is relative and abstract-there is so much more to life-as it stands we cannot protect a single child in the uk from the murderous Westminster and Westminster backed paedophile rings-who have secret family courts and an army of criminal cops and criminal social workers and half the teachers and every judge involved-so many people disappear or are locked up or die in strange circumstances and it doesn’t matter who you vote for-you cannot stop it-as labour liberals and tories are all in these masonic lodges and worse.
    sorry I strayed a bit of subject -but the establishment is corrupt in every way to the extreme and always has been and is unreformable-we must refuse to vote for the 3 establishment parties and rebuild an entirely different sort of society-we must bring back democracy and protect our poorest and disabled and kids and allow scientists to inform us and care about fairness .

    steve cook

    April 25, 2016 at 2:54 am

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