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Breakfast Of Champions 2.

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A recent invention of mine.

Bake the black pudding at about 150 C for about 10 minutes.  Chop roughly and fry in butter for a few moments in the omelette pan to give crispy edges.  Add as many well-seasoned, beaten eggs as you wish and cook for a couple of minutes.  You can fold it or serve it flat and cut into sections.

Remember to give the dogs a little taste, it’s only fair.

Tip. Please keep the inside of the omelette as runny as you can, it makes all the difference.  After decades of experience as a black pudding connoisseur, I buy mine from Framptons of Bridport.  It’s described as ‘local’ but it isn’t that local because it’s made in Poole – but it is the business!

Written by Peter Reynolds

November 5, 2016 at 11:06 am

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