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The Views Of Dr Sarah Wollaston MP On Drugs Policy. A Worrying Case Requiring A Good Dose of Evidence.

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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP is chair of the cross party Health Select Committee. She was a practising GP but is now the most senior Westminster politician, not in government, who has expertise in health and medicine.

The views she expresses are extremely worrying because they betray a complete failure to take note of the evidence, particularly surprising because of her profession.


I responded by explaining legalising drugs doesn’t mean a free for all, it means the opposite. We have a free for all now because control has been abandoned to criminal gangs. Regulation must be in accordance with a drug’s potential for harm. It’s more urgent to legalise and regulate dangerous drugs. Keeping crack and heroin supply in the hands of criminals maximises harms through unknown strength and contamination as well as violence and street dealing. Clean, safe supplies should be available in conjunction with therapy at reducing doses. It’s simply absurd that cannabis is illegal and this idiotic policy supports crime and creates a £6 billion criminal market with massive consequential harms. It is shameful and national disgrace that our government continues with this idiocy.

There is very little health harm from cannabis. Healthcare records prove this. There are more health harms from peanuts. 99% of harms of cannabis are created by goverment policy. Ignorance, prejudice and cowardice are the defining characteristics of UK drugs policy.

Dr Wollaston suggests that drug consumers are responsible for the violence and criminal activity around the drugs trade.  I say this is utter nonsense. It is for the government to take responsibility!! That’s what you’re paid for. Take this market out of criminal hands and PROTECT people. It is disgusting to blame consumers for the harms of the drugs market which are caused by government. How dare you blame consumers for the harms of the criminal drugs market which irresponsible governments have created! UK drugs policy MAXIMISES all health and social harms. We are plagued by ignorant, stubborn, anti-evidence fools in government who are killing our children.

It is shocking that you and colleagues in government can be so trapped in ignorance and denial of the vast amount of evidence from across the world that legal regulation minimises all drug harms. If UK drugs policy was in the dock then it would get a whole life sentence.

This is an appalling abdication of responsibility by a senior politician. Dr Wollaston isn’t in government but she echoes the evil attitude of ministers who cause most harms around drugs by their idiotic policies. It is government that must take responsibility not consumers. Do your job!!

I have written to Dr Wollaston asking if she will meet me so that I may show her the evidence she is overlooking.

Written by Peter Reynolds

April 10, 2018 at 9:50 am

3 Responses

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  1. by her logic then , suppose I visit my GP for treatment, he. or she prescribes a medication which ,as it turns out appears to have been miss prescribed( the medication was intended for a purpose other then that for which it was prescribed), that renders me, the patient, not the doctor, as being responsible for an exacerbated predicament because I am not medically qualified. now, lets look at the common sense logic of drug regulation. If I now approach a dealer for some cannabis and ask for a particular potency and the dealer provides me with something of a different potency or includes harmful impurities I cannot take the individual to court in order to secure a suitable legal remedy, because I am now also, for all intents and purposes, a criminal and thus outside the protection of the law. So my choices are somewhat limited, find another dealer or play dirty. however let us assume the scenario where drugs are legal and regulated. Joe Dealer may well be an honest guy and be quite up front about his wares, knowing well that the product is subject to scrutiny. in addition he can legitimately verify that I am of an appropriate age( he may have an established store front) both joe dealer and I are now on equal footing, neither of us are at immediate risk of attack from rival gangs, youngsters who are not sufficiently developed have added protection( they cannot obtain cannabis without the approval of, and supervision by, a medical practitioner) in addition the risk of being drawn into unsavoury, and potentially dangerous life styles is drastically curtailed.

    In many cases illegal drugs are only “dangerous” because of the in fighting between competing gangs and the use of impurities that are added to bulk up the product. add to that the prevalence of needle reuse and you have a recipe for disaster all because of the illegal status of the drugs involved, not the drugs themselves. legal OTC medications have information leaflets in the packaging which give information not only about the product but its active and inactive components. any known risk factors and what to do in the event of unexpected side well as recommended dosages for the ailment they are intended to treat. some ITC remedies even have very clear unambiguous labelling warning of the risk or addiction!!!

    Interestingly alcohol, which is legal and DOES have very pronounced psychoactive effects, and over prolonged use potentially fatal physiological effects has minimal information about its potential risks( that is left for the media to highlight), in fact the ONLY indicator present on the labelling is the percentage of alcohol per volume as far as I know.

    The ecstasy fiasco was a classic example where the government could have acted differently but chose not to, despite the fact that, once it was realized that the risks associated with ecstasy could be ameliorated by frequent sips of water and rest, however the government chose the more draconian(and in my view more harmful route) of cracking down on it, in Essene the drugs trade has been driven underground where people are kept in line by being beaten, raped, or worse.

    Shaun O'Connor

    April 10, 2018 at 10:48 am

    • Spot on Shaun! How come an experienced doctor misses the inescapable logic?

      Peter Reynolds

      April 10, 2018 at 11:11 am

  2. Politicians don’t deal in facts, they have a position and then try to get the “facts” to fit that position! She will not listen to the facts you give as the reality is she is wrong won’t sit well with her, it’s only when we as consumers stop buying alcohol and let the alcohol industry ( diageo who supports the tory party ) know we will not be buying until we have the freedom of choice to buy alcohol or any other drug of our choosing as free adults in a truly free society, I can’t see that happening tho!

    Stephen Brophy

    April 10, 2018 at 3:34 pm

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