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Madame Guillotine In Parliament Square

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It’s a recurring dream.  Standing high on a scaffold erected in the centre of Parliament Square is the bloody guillotine. A long queue of 650 enemies of the people snakes around the square, in and out of the trees, in between the lamp posts, around the various statues, skirting the traffic bollards. Like a metronome, at regular intervals, no more than a couple of minutes apart, punctuating the weeping, wailing and hysterical pleading, comes the swoosh-THWACK as the heavily weighted blade plunges down its guide rails and strikes home, delivering its final message to another traitor.

Standing last in line, forced to wait longest and endure most terror is the High Priest of Treason, Oliver Letwin, his knighthood debased for his leadership of the outlaw Parliament.  Also at the rear of the line are those bearing the most guilt who have most seriously abused British democracy: Anna Soubry sobs and whimpers, Chuka Umunna soils himself as he begs unreasonably for mercy and the Liberal Democrat MPs are beaten ruthlessly, enduring cruel torture before swift mercy delivers long overdue justice.  SNP members are denied their pleas to die on Scottish soil. Treasonous Tories Philip Hammond, David Gauke, Rory Stewart and others whose names have faded from memory try to maintain their dignity as they witness the horror that is about to befall them.

Madam Guillotine toils away, does her duty, spares no one, brings order, reliability and honour to the whimpering wretches as they at last receive their just desserts. Swoosh-THWACK. A moment’s scuffling, whining as the next doomed wretch is dragged forward, their neck placed as necessary and their final breaths mingled with the sounds of abject fear and desperation.  Swoosh-THWACK.

At last, Britain is restored to its people and the episode of venal, self-serving and corrupt politicians is consigned to history.  The gutters along Whitehall run deep with the blood of traitors and the next day the sun rises over a land once again in liberty, ridden of its dark tyrants.

Written by Peter Reynolds

September 6, 2019 at 12:57 pm

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4 Responses

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  1. Brilliant, absolutely fantastic article – made me laugh in a very depressing time! 👏👏👏👏👏

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    Tracey Smart

    September 6, 2019 at 1:06 pm

  2. Well as a reader of your blog posts and a member of the SNP, you sir can now just fuck off! I’m sure you’ll be happy in your xenophobic cannabis fuelled utopia. We’ll keep all our natural resources and sit on the Wall that we will make you build and pay for, with popcorn in hand watching the real life Hunger Games unfold.

    Apparently I am a treasonous Bastard

    September 6, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    • You can throw any abuse at me you wish, demean yourself with the use of obscene language but where your sick mind comes up with “xenophobic”, we’ll have to leave that to your psychiatrists at Broadmoor to understand.

      Peter Reynolds

      September 6, 2019 at 1:49 pm

  3. Nice one Peter!
    You never fail to make me laugh.
    As you know I am a Socialist! So I for one would be happy to have Madame Guillotine perform her art on all of our so called Elites, Royalists Scum that have held the people of this country in penury and subservience for so long. I voted many years ago to join the Common Market. We were never given the choice to vote on becoming a member of this right wing, Corporatocracy run by the ECB. and the BundesBank.
    However I would rather take my chances with them, rather than be a SUBJECT! of the new offshore tax haven, fiefdom, that our glorious English overlords have planed for us.
    I am not a member of the SNP But I am a passionate supporter of Scottish Independence.
    I feel desperately sorry for all of my fellow Northern England people. Who, like us in Scotland continuously have no representation in parliament.
    The call of the American Independence movement comes to mind.
    However, we will welcome with open arms anyone wishing to escape the English Tax haven, run by and for the rich Elites. We will continue to “keep a welcome in the hillside” for any one, from all political persuasions Left Right and Centre, who wishes to come and live, work and make there home in the newly formed progressive “Peoples Republic of Scotland”
    This is My Recurring Dream Anyway.
    Keep up the good work Peter.

    Dave Soulsby.

    Dave Soulsby

    September 9, 2019 at 11:42 am

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