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The Trolls Attacking Boris On Social Media Are In For The Shock Of Their Lives

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It’s very, very sad how our great nation has become demeaned by the arrogant, self-righteous, opinionated, know-it-all warriors of social media.
When I worked in the ad industry, we had a saying ‘It’s much easier to criticise than to create’ and that’s what I see on Facebook and Twitter. Despite my challenge, not one person has suggested anyone who they think would do better than Boris Johnson.
Things are going to get very much tougher than they are now. I think there will be shock, horror, grief, anger and fear to cope with. It’s going to take a leader of heroic strength to get us through and I say thank God we already have that man in Downing Street.

Boris is doing a brilliant job. For 15 years this country has been crying out for leadership. He rescued Brexit from the Remainers who wanted to subvert our democracy and he’ll lead us to victory over Covid19

Written by Peter Reynolds

March 20, 2020 at 4:17 pm

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  1. Well said! I can guarantee that a high number of the critics are people who still haven’t come to terms with losing the Brexit vote.


    March 20, 2020 at 5:06 pm

  2. Well well Peter I struggle to know where to start with this reply. I have spent a lot of time since we first met defending you to people in the Cannabis/Hemp community. You being a self confessed Tory, Right Wing free-market cheerleader. Me a deluded backward socialist. We now have a FOOL in charge of the UK thanks to the English voters sadly including some members of my own family in the northeast of England.
    Your man Boris and his band of loons response to all of this has been woeful.
    A dithering around locking down movement of people disguised as libertarianism.
    A total lack of testing, described by the EXPERTS as the “Classic tools and approaches in any public health and infectious diseases controls”
    The lack of decent protective equipment for NHS front line staff.
    Compare the response of this government to the response of Germany or South Korea, it is inadequate in the extreme.
    The lack of enforcement of companies to NOT lay off staff.
    A total lack of planning for what comes next.
    You get my point!
    Amazing Boris sneaks out the fact he has covered up the £43,000,000 of public money wasted by him during the Torys austerity for all (except the rich) to build a garden bridge in London.
    I am still waiting for him to release the report into the bribes payed to the Torys from Russian oligarchs.
    Conveniently delayed all through the election.
    I’m sure it will also be hidden in the background of this epidemic.
    Amazing that all of the solutions for us are Socialist solutions now.
    For you to talk about this morally bankrupt bafoon as some sort of leader is ridiculous.
    Wake up mate we are a nation of lions ruled by donkeys.
    Oh and Jake the Writer before you give us any more of your wisdom I voted leave.
    Dave Soulsby.

    Dave Soulsby

    March 24, 2020 at 2:26 pm

    • You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion Dave, of course but please don’t bother with “defending you to people in the Cannabis/Hemp community”. After many years experience those people that like to describe themselves as the ‘cannabis/hemp community’ and who you think I need defending against are as far away from the meaning of the word ‘community’ as they could be.

      The idea that being a ‘self-confessed Tory’ is something that is fundamentally incompatible with cannabis/hemp is self-evidently nonsense. These people are illiberal bigots who want to discriminate against others on the basis of their political opinion. They are hypocrisy defined. They’re not worthy of your time or mine.

      Peter Reynolds

      March 24, 2020 at 4:53 pm

  3. I apologise for this late reply Peter I did send you a reply at the time of your last answer to me but it appears that I did something wrong and it did not send. My bad!
    If I could first correct your misunderstanding of me saying that I had, defended you to people in the cannabis community.
    You appear to think that I was defending the fact that you are a Tory.
    This is NOT the case case. I would NEVER defend Either Toryism or its followers.
    I simply meant that I stood up for you within the movement, because regardless of your political beliefs you had done a lot of good work in promoting cannabis and its legalisation full stop.

    If you want to talk about your politics and your support for Boris then that is another conversation.

    How do you feel now about your ridiculous posts and subsequent comments on Herd Immunity.
    As for our glorious leader Boris the facts speak for themselves,
    I do not need to point them out.
    He is a liar and an incompetent and that is the best I can say.

    Since Thatcher brought in her new world order look at what the consequences have been.
    Her deregulation of the banks have seen corruption and fraud on a monumental scale this culminated in the financial collapse. Not one banker jailed millions of people’s lives destroyed.
    Our “ The People’s “ tax’s used to bail them out. The private sector debt passed onto the “The People”
    The poor and the disabled hit the hardest to pay these financial terrorists.
    The years of Austerity imposed on us all to pay for this.

    The NHS. that Boris so loves now, starved of money and resources for over 10 years by the PIGS IN POWER.
    Being lined up for full privatisation.
    The criminal way ordinary workers are sent to treat people without the correct PPE.
    The way they are told to stay quiet and not speak to the press.
    This is because we have no unions to represent workers RIGHTS.

    Boris hails them as hero’s
    This is his deflecting from his murderous government sending them to die at work with inadequate protection.
    These people are ordinary workers who are let down every day by Torys.

    It’s amazing how all you Torys now love and value front line workers.
    Well how about paying them, not Cheering when you stop them receiving a small pay rise.
    Stop calling them LowSkilled.

    ALL THE PEOPLE THAT MATTER have been shown to be the people ALL TORYS HATE the most.
    All the solutions to this are SOCIALIST SOLUTIONS.
    Properly unionised work force.
    Public ownership of our power, water, transport.
    Public owned savings banks.
    Tax collected from ALL BUSINESS trading done in our territories.

    A fair and extensive welfare state.
    Universal income.

    The Torys and their Neo-Con economics have brought us to the edge of collapse.

    So you defend them and yourself Peter I for one will not.

    Your slavish following of this discredited ideology and its architects is bound to end in tears.
    Remember what your hero Tatcher said “There is no such thing as society”
    How is that working out for you all?

    David soulsby

    April 30, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    • Dear God, Dave, you are bitter, aren’t you? Your prejudice is astonishing and if you made the same wild, generalised, ludicrous allegations against any other group – black people, gay people, cannabis consumers, trainspotters, 4WD enthusiasts – you would justifiably and correctly be condemned for such appalling discrimination.

      Your long, hate-filled rant may well be justified in respect of some Tories but also in respect of some black people, some gay people, etc, etc.

      It is ridiculous that you display such prejudice and discrimination in public because all you do is embarrass yourself.

      Peter Reynolds

      April 30, 2020 at 2:45 pm

  4. If only the Labour parties current and former MPs were able to show such unity with the party they want to see succeeding instead of constantly attacking themselves.

    It is with great disdain as a Labour supporter myself to see so many of my colleagues unable to see what professionalism actually entails.

    I do not agree that Boris has done a “good job.” In my personal opinion the best that could be said is the following:

    Ignoring the total lack of preparedness, Boris has made the best out of a situation which he could have avoided.

    It is again sad to have to point out that, not only is Mr Reynolds a Tory supporter but, he is required to keep the government happy on a professional level

    As both a cannabis activist, and entrepreneur with contacts and former colleagues among the current government he must maintain communications with them.

    But I wouldn’t accuse him of shying away from pointing out hypocrisy when it is necessary as he did with Theresa May.

    In this case I would say that he is mistaken in his evaluation of the country having been “crying out for leadership.” In my opinion I think that the country was crying out for better. Nobody cared now, before, during or after who the leader is. Such an issue as who the figurehead is means nothing to most people.

    One could easily argue the case for Leave VS Remain on the democracy statement too. As a remainer who supports leavers in their decision, I found that particular argument to be based more on personal entitlement than a respect for democracy. There were plenty that had logic behind them, but simply refusing to attempt further democratic processes was the most nonsensical one to me.

    As the SNP put it in regards to Scottish independence, even if Leave won they would make sure to have further referendums in order to determine what exactly that independence meant for them.

    Sean Gill

    May 7, 2020 at 6:37 pm

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