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Possibly the most frequently heard objection to medicinal use of cannabis is disbelief that one medicine can help with so many different medical conditions. Contempt for this idea most frequently comes from the medical establishment who demonstrate their lack of knowledge of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Still not taught in most medical schools, the ECS is now known to be the largest neurotransmitter network in the body which does indeed impact on every other physiological system. It is a scientific fact, still not understood by many doctors, that cannabis can have beneficial effects on virtually every condition and disease.

Cannabis is a palliative medicine but I have no doubt that the curative powers of cannabinoids, which have already been proven in vitro and animal studies, will one day be harnessed into medicines. In different combinations, perhaps with other cannabis compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids, they will successfully treat many cancers, mental health problems, digestive disorders and especially diseases of the immune system.  At this stage though, cannabis is best considered as something that helps us deals with symptoms, particularly chronic pain, mood and sleeping disorders.  In this regard, it is still not properly recognised for the immense benefits it offers, especially that it is so safe, non-toxic and kind to the body and mind.

Cannabis does undoubtedly produce some remarkable curative results. In my judgement these are largely by luck rather than design but cannabis is perhaps the only medicine you can do this with. It is so safe that you can try it and see, experiment with different doses and potentially with different ratios of its many active ingredients.  Very, very few doctors understand this. They are more used to dealing with toxic substances that can produce nasty side effects, which is why they and the NHS bureaucrats who control the purse strings are so dependent on clinical trials. These produce valuable data and safety information for pharmaceutical drugs but it means our physicians have lost the ability to treat patients as individuals, using safe, plant-based therapies.  This wisdom has been swept aside by the pharma industry’s rush for profit and forgotten by many of those who care for us.

So I take the view that cannabis really is a panacea.  Not a cure for everything but a remedy that offers some benefit for every condition.  This relies on another truth that is difficult for the medical establishment to deal with – cannabis is not one medicine but many, perhaps hundreds of different combinations of ingredients, beyond just THC and CBD, beyond terpenes and flavonoids, perhaps including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, essential amino acids, esters, glycosides, enzymes, proteins, sugars, alcohols, ketones, lactones, aldehydes – all the constituents of this remarkable plant. It is this complexity, of course, that makes clinical trials unsuitable for cannabis and its inherent safety that makes them unnecessary.

But I have my personal panacea.  It is made by a good friend who in his professional life produces some of the finest, whole plant, low-THC, high-CBD oils.  In his spare time he turns his lab to more interesting, illicit products.  You will be surprised to learn that my panacea is not a high-THC rocket fuel but a 3:1 ratio CBD:THC blend.  It is a happiness tonic, soothing pain reliever, gentle sleep enhancer and gorgeous elixir for all the aches, pains and complaints of my 63rd year.

I know that if little bottles of this were on pharmacy and supermarket shelves they would sell like hot cakes.  Six drops in a cup of coffee in the morning or hot chocolate before bed – it’s bliss, delight, comfort and it just enhances and smoothes life without any downside, no hangover or side effects at all. Of course, with that ratio it’s completely benign and would be even for an inexperienced cannabis consumer.  When products like this become legally available they will benefit hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Those early into the market will probably make a fortune if they can advertise and communicate its benefits effectively.  The really wonderful aspect though is that this can be as cheap as chips.  Made in volume it could sell for just a few pounds, euros or dollars a bottle that will last for weeks.  It really is a panacea although currently, stupidly, in this crazy world we live in, highly illegal.

Written by Peter Reynolds

August 15, 2020 at 1:29 pm

6 Responses

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  1. In tamdem with the unwillingness of the medical profession to accept the safety, and potential wide ranging efficacy of cannabis, there is the issue of maintaining strict control of the raw materials, the cannabis plant! it is popular for a very good reaon, it is quite easy to cultivate,( more difficualt perhapse to cultivate to a given required profile though). and of course has very low toxicity making it ideal foralmost risk free experimentation among people who are willing to think outsie of the currently accepted doctor/patient/pharmaecology modality… untill the pharmaceutical industry, in collaboration with the agricultural industry, find a way to genetically restrict the ability to cultivate cannabis. it will not get wide ranging acceptance among the medical profession..what I do see on the way is a situation where cannabis will be modified in such a way that the seed will only germinate to form a usable plant in the presence of tailor made”nutrients” ( or if you like “activators”)that are otherwise not naturally present in soil. If I am correct this will be a blow to the small scale connesour cannabis cultivator. the small cottage industries are at risk of being locked out unless they use theese”activators ( and by extencion will be heaviliy limited as to what varieties can be cultivated)

    Shaun O'Connor

    August 15, 2020 at 3:51 pm

  2. try a vegan diet too pete! just google dr Neil Barnard or dr Michael Gregor even garth davis! check out the benefits of a plant based diet! age related illnesses are really diet related!

    Stephen Brophy

    August 15, 2020 at 6:22 pm

    • No, no, no! I’m a meat eater and very happy to be one. I love rare steak, charcuterie, sausages, black pudding, cured tongue, smoked bacon, a whole variety of hams from chunky gammon to legs that have been air dried for years in some Spanish mountain cave before being sliced thinly and served with a glug of olive oil and fresh crusty bread. I adore fish, dover sole, brill, halibut, red mullet, oysters, mussels, fresh sardines grilled on a barbecue, anchovies used as seasoning in meat dishes, sushi, anything that lives in water.

      And I grow my own vegetables, all sorts of beans, courgettes, potatoes, sweetcorn and my single most favourite food of all – tomatoes. These are the perfect accompaniment for meat or fish but with a few exceptions, eaten alone they are a miserable substitute for real food.

      So I appreciate your advice, Stephen but I won’t be taking it!

      Peter Reynolds

      August 16, 2020 at 9:12 am

  3. The prohibition on Cannabis is a very well designed catch 22 an almost perfect construct, because of prohibition research is banned on the banned substance Cannabis from the start of prohibition all information about Cannabis has been purged as much as possible and replaced with propaganda.
    And ignorance about Cannabis prevails so that government and those who govern can maintain the status quo and enforce prohibition, and big pharma companies grow fat on their profits selling synthetic substances that have all sorts of weird side effects that make the patient feel worse in more case rather than better.
    Which often means people are prescribed numerous substances to combat the side effects from the initial treatment so they end up feeling a lot worse from the mixture of substances than they did originally from the thing that was ailing them.
    For the medical professionals they have always been told that Cannabis has no medicinal value and they believed it or just went along with the bullshit, now the government has changed its tune and admitted that Cannabis does have and always did have medicinal values the medical professionals are on the back foot.
    Suddenly they need to find out about Cannabis and they have no guidance, now the best place to start to learn is through medical professionals who the government has vilified in the past like Mike Barnes.
    In a recent TV program a chap who had been suffering migraines for many years and had tried everything that could be prescribed gave some CBD product a go and it worked for him, but the Dr in the program was obviously not impressed and said through gritted teeth that there was no research about CBD being an effective treatment etc.
    A lot of people need educating this is a long time ting…


    August 21, 2020 at 3:02 pm

  4. Like you Peter I like meat too, it goes well with vegetables
    A balanced diet is not a cake in each hand
    You need a mix of all foods meats, fish, fowl an veg and lots of puds and biscuits
    And plenty of brews


    August 21, 2020 at 3:12 pm

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