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These Are The Trolls And Liars

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These are the identities (aliases and pseudonyms no doubt), IP and email addresses of the people who have been spamming my site with abuse, accusations of belonging to the EDL and just about any sort of foul allegation you can imagine.  Some of them have attempted to post their lies up to 40 times.

The pathetic names they’ve used reveal their state of mind.  The really sad ones are the multiple identities at the same IP address.  It’s interesting that there do seem to be at least four individuals at different IP addresses co-operating on the peterreynoldsmonitor site.  It takes four of them to make a bad job of trying to discredit me?

Anyway, draw your own conclusions.

(I have removed these details as they are now evidence)

Written by Peter Reynolds

April 3, 2011 at 1:33 pm