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Pride Beyond Compare.

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Evan had a tough time at school.   He was a slow starter.  Even at sport he struggled to begin with. I remember watching him play rugby at about the age of 12; loads of enthusiasm but he couldn’t run!

Then he began to blossom.  Kick boxing gave him his first taste of success as he became champion of his region.  He started to enjoy great success with the ladies, far more than I or his older brother Richard ever have.  Soon he was excelling at all sport and making steady progress at school.

Then at age 17 his life changed. He lost his left hand in a road accident that nearly claimed his life.

The challenge was enormous, on the cusp of adulthood his plan of an army career was scuppered, his whole word was turned upside down with pain, rehabilitation and enormous psychological adjustment.

But it was the making of him. He dealt with that disaster and became a man. It brought him an enormous sum in compensation with its own challenges and temptations that it would have been so easy to succumb to. He had his fun but he rose above it. He went to university, passed his degree, fell in love a few times until he met a girl of great beauty inside and out, Zoe, with whom he has found great happiness.

Today he learned that he passed his final exam and is now a chartered surveyor.  He is Evan Reynolds.  He is my son and my heart bursts with pride.

Written by Peter Reynolds

October 28, 2016 at 2:59 pm

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Oh Glory! The Dragon Roars. Wales Triumphs. Poetry.

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Gwlad! Gwlad!

Gwlad! Gwlad!

Evan and Anxious England Supporters

Evan and Worried England Supporters

It was one of the greatest days of my life.  Since the birth of my sons, never have I been more consumed by joy and delight.  Sadly, most can only look on a Welshman’s appreciation of rugby from outside.  I am one of the fortunate few.  Since my earliest days I have known that rugby is like a religion for us – no, even more important than that, it is life – no, perhaps even more important than that.

teams line upAnd it is true, particularly when it comes to playing England, for in that final moment when we drove their maul into touch, I could have died happy. Nothing could complete me more. And we did it in such heroic, brave, glorious style!

After so many years, this time, for the first time, my mother had taught me how to sing the anthem in Welsh. I sang my heart out and the tears were streaming down my face even before kickoff. That would have almost been enough for me. I hardly dared dream what wonders would follow.

As our momentum grew in the last quarter, even though we were still behind, I began to get this strange feeling that it might be possible. A crossfield kick, a magnificent try, straight in front of me. I could not have been more perfectly placed, as if it were staged just for me. We were level and that feeling started to grow. When our pressure brought the inevitable penalty it was a long, long way but I knew Dan Biggar would not let us down – and we were in the lead! Just moments more and it was done. The unbelievable was real. We had taken England down at home, in Twickenham, as underdogs, in the most compelling, glorious, magnificent, absolute victory!

My thanks go to my son, Evan, whose enormous generosity took me and a large group of friends to this very special occasion. I doubt this day will be bettered in the rest of my life.

Zoe, Tears of Joy, Evan

Zoe, Tears of Joy and Evan

Written by Peter Reynolds

October 3, 2015 at 7:29 am