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Get Real Alistair!

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Scumbag Thief

Scumbag Thief

NO!  You cannot be Chancellor Of The Exchequer, guardian and keeper of the nation’s purse and play fast and loose, anything less than perfection, with your expenses!

“It would be quite wrong to claim on two homes at the same time”.  Those are your words but that is exactly what you did.  The fact that you have repaid around £700 of the service charge is cast iron proof.  It is not good enough for any MP, certainly not you, to fail to manage your affairs in such a way that an advance payment such as this would not be identified and repaid in a timely manner.

You fall far short of the standard that we are entitled to expect of an occupant of your office.

Let us say that this was a housing benefit claim and you were a poorly educated, perhaps only semi-literate individual.  If you had duped two different local authorities as you moved between them and “forgotten” or “overlooked” the money you had been paid in advance, made such a “mistake”, then you would be facing interviews under caution and quite possibly prosecution.

But you are Chancellor of The Exchequer!  This is only one of the difficult questions that you have to answer about your integrity.  What about the flipping?  What about claiming for tax advice on expenses?

To begin with, you should be sacked.  Then there should be a police investigation.

The double standards that you pompous, self-important politicans live by are almost beyond belief.  As each day passes and you grub around in the muck of your own behaviour, desperately trying to justify and excuse your avarice, greed and fraud, so every last vestige of any dignity or public respect evaporates – and you still don’t get it!

Is “Unacceptable” Acceptable From Cabinet Ministers?

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I could almost feel sorry for Gordon on this one because as much as he wriggles, he isn’t going to get away.  He has said that Hazel Blears’ conduct in flipping her second home to save £13,000 CGT was unacceptable.  She has to go.

She Has To Go

She Has To Go

Talking about the “rules” isn’t good enough when they are clearly inadequate.  The guidelines say that expenses may only be charged when incurred “wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the course of parliamentary duties”.   That standard should now be applied as the rule.  So, Gordon, your Sky subscription including sports channels, fails that test.  A reasonable claim would be for half of the cost.

In your own interests, as well as that of Parliament and the country, there are cabinet ministers and senior Labour MPs who have to go.

Written by Peter Reynolds

May 19, 2009 at 5:08 pm