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Conrad Black. Surely This is Fiction?

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He Walks On Water

Every day I sit in this very spot and wrestle with what’s believable, what’s credible, how much can I get away with in the pages of my current novel.  Indeed, one of my characters is a disgraced banker sentenced to not enough years at Her Majesty’s pleasure.  It would suit my plot perfectly if he could be released and get to play his part in the thrilling climax which I am fast approaching.  Maybe he could even meet a grisly fate in the last few pages gaining a richly deserved reward for his crimes of fraud and avarice.

Now I have my inspiration from true life.  There are no limits.

If Conrad Black can be released on bail pending appeal then my imagination must in future know no bounds.  Anything is possible.  Truth really is stranger than fiction.  In a few months Lord Black could be donning ermine and regaining his seat in the House of Lords, once again directing editorial in The Daily Telegraph.

Unbelievable but true.

“…Like A Cab For Hire” Or More Like A Whore?

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The depths of venality plumbed by Stephen Byers, Geoff Hoon, Patricia Hewitt, John Butterfill, Margaret Moran and Baroness Morgan are exceeded only by their crass stupidity at getting caught.

Looking For Business Sweetie?

I thought that Alan Duncan had taken the biscuit for being dumb and dumber when he was caught on concealed camera on the Houses Of Parliament terrace last year.  It is almost beyond belief how these people can be so stupid and so gullible, blinded by their own greed and avarice.

Byers, Hewitt and Hoon may well have brought the Labour Party into disrepute but all these fools have brought our entire political system into disrepute – again!

Get Real Alistair!

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Scumbag Thief

Scumbag Thief

NO!  You cannot be Chancellor Of The Exchequer, guardian and keeper of the nation’s purse and play fast and loose, anything less than perfection, with your expenses!

“It would be quite wrong to claim on two homes at the same time”.  Those are your words but that is exactly what you did.  The fact that you have repaid around £700 of the service charge is cast iron proof.  It is not good enough for any MP, certainly not you, to fail to manage your affairs in such a way that an advance payment such as this would not be identified and repaid in a timely manner.

You fall far short of the standard that we are entitled to expect of an occupant of your office.

Let us say that this was a housing benefit claim and you were a poorly educated, perhaps only semi-literate individual.  If you had duped two different local authorities as you moved between them and “forgotten” or “overlooked” the money you had been paid in advance, made such a “mistake”, then you would be facing interviews under caution and quite possibly prosecution.

But you are Chancellor of The Exchequer!  This is only one of the difficult questions that you have to answer about your integrity.  What about the flipping?  What about claiming for tax advice on expenses?

To begin with, you should be sacked.  Then there should be a police investigation.

The double standards that you pompous, self-important politicans live by are almost beyond belief.  As each day passes and you grub around in the muck of your own behaviour, desperately trying to justify and excuse your avarice, greed and fraud, so every last vestige of any dignity or public respect evaporates – and you still don’t get it!

The Banks, The OFT, Avarice and Evil

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At last, some straight talking from the OFT about the way the Banks treat consumers.  As if we didn’t know it already but there is no excuse for the way these evil institutions have been allowed to operate and there can be no more compromise or filibuster about the consequences for them. They behave as if they are above the law.  They conduct themselves in ways which in any other context would be defined as theft and fraud.  Whilst they throw people out of their homes, deny legitimate business the means to operate, they let their cocaine-fuelled gamblers take ludicrous risks on ridiculous schemes and all the time present themselves as the backbone of our financial system.

Christ’s rage in the temple is the precise analogy.   It is time that we saw some of these silver haired, grey suited monsters in jail.  Their depth of corruption and manipulation and creation of misery has no comparison.  Right now the financial squeeze we are all suffering is entirely down to the incompetence of the banks in making lending decisions based only on the greed of individuals conspiring to create multi-million pound bonuses for themselves.  They deny honest, hard-working people the means to progress or recover but there is no consequence for themselves when things go wrong.

Let us pray that the OFT follows through on this properly and brings to heel these out of control, rabid dogs.

Written by Peter Reynolds

July 16, 2008 at 7:51 am

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