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The Severn Scandal Of Huhne

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If there is idiocy in the coalition this is it.

Chris Huhne, the so-called progressive LibDem Energy Minister has called off the Severn barrage, the biggest tidal energy project ever in Britain.  See here.

What more sustainable, reliable, self-evidently ideal source of energy is there than the tide?  Until the earth spins off its axis or the moon melts into green cheese, the tides will continue to work.  The Severn estuary has the second highest tidal reach in the world.  The power inherent in its cycle is unimaginable.  When we find a way to harness it efficiently we will have achieved something every bit as revolutionary as cold fusion.


Yet our short sighted Energy Minister has cancelled the project and says that investment in such new energy sources should come from the private sector. Then he says that private sector investment is unrealistic.  There is something seriously wrong with this man’s thinking.  This is not the sort of project that you judge on the basis of some nit picking consultant’s report.  This is akin to the invention of flight or the microprocessor.  This requires vision.  This is a project that stretches across centuries and dwarfs Chris Huhne and his shameful decision.

This is exactly, precisely and properly the sort of project that government should be investing in heavily.  Only government can promote this sort of essential, long term development.  As for the pathetic whinging of the RSPB et al, this reveals how many small minded fools there are in the green movement.  The birds will find somewhere else soon enough.

A disastrous and terrible decision that will define and should destroy Chris Huhne’s career.

Birds Of Prey And the RSPB

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I was horrified to see a spokesman from the RSPB on BBC Breakfast this morning make

Kestrel over Nore Barn Wood 8th June 2008

Kestrel over Nore Barn Wood 8th June 2008

outrageous and disgraceful accusations against the “shooting community”.  He laid the responsibility for all attacks on birds of prey entirely on those who shoot.

Of course, the shooting community has done more to protect and conserve the UK environment and wildlife than any other group over hundreds of years.  The RSPB, which has become an undignified, over-commercialised hotbed of “loonies” becomes more power hungry and sensationalist every day trying to over extend itself into a general environmental organization.  It pontificates about everything from packaging to helping grannies cross the road and, occasionally, birds.  Its primary interest is commercial and it promotes this by such nonsensical, attention grabbing nonsense.

It is appalling that the BBC should allow such blatant lies to be broadcast and without offering those accused the opportunity to respond.

It is also time that someone, and I am setting myself up here, took a long and careful look at the RSPB.  Its chief oddity, Bill Oddie, was recently involved in a verbal punch up over the rights and wrongs of eating game.  No doubt he is more the battery chicken and Tesco sponsored enthusiast.

Written by Peter Reynolds

July 27, 2008 at 1:21 pm