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Mephedrone – I Told You So

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Last year the formerly intelligent and sensible Alan Johnson got himself involved in the misinformation campaign against cannabis and several members of the Advisory Council On The Misuse Of Drugs resigned.  The ACMD is now unable to function and the real concern that there now is about mephedrone (see here) cannot be properly addressed.

I said this would happen but I take no pleasure in being proved right.  It is just another example of the idiotic and irrational way that our politicians deal with the drugs issue.

So while I think it is essential that the safety of mephedrone is examined, the hysterical, hang ’em high, lock ’em all up, stop them having fun brigade is out and proud yet again.

The two boys who died in Scunthorpe had also taken methadone which is an opiate substitute and known to be lethal.  I wonder what the real cause of death will prove to be?

If there is any intelligent life left in the government perhaps someone might wake up to the fact that, generally speaking, politicians and legislation cause more problems with drugs than they solve.

There is common sense to be found in the debate on drugs.  See Transform Drug Policy Foundation.