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Alcohol And Cannabis. Putting Drugs In Perspective.

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I am not a fan of embedding YouTube clips unless they’re about films or music.  I’ll make an exception for these two though.  They make a very important point very powerfully.

The first is a very short US TV commercial with an anti-drugs messsage.   The second is a witty, incisive stand-up routine that knocks the pomposity, arrogance and stupidity of our drug laws for six.

Written by Peter Reynolds

September 17, 2010 at 11:29 am

“…Like A Cab For Hire” Or More Like A Whore?

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The depths of venality plumbed by Stephen Byers, Geoff Hoon, Patricia Hewitt, John Butterfill, Margaret Moran and Baroness Morgan are exceeded only by their crass stupidity at getting caught.

Looking For Business Sweetie?

I thought that Alan Duncan had taken the biscuit for being dumb and dumber when he was caught on concealed camera on the Houses Of Parliament terrace last year.  It is almost beyond belief how these people can be so stupid and so gullible, blinded by their own greed and avarice.

Byers, Hewitt and Hoon may well have brought the Labour Party into disrepute but all these fools have brought our entire political system into disrepute – again!

Jonathan Ross, The Pratt And Incompetent BBC Management

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I don’t want even to mention the other one’s name because he is and always has been a complete and utter pratt.  His “brand” of entertainment appeals to the lowest common denominator and generally contributes to poorer standards of taste and behaviour.  There can be no doubt that he should be removed permanently from the BBC and it would be better for us all if he was never seen or heard of again.

Jonathan Ross though is an entertainment genius.  It is deeply disappointing that he has blundered like this but they say that genius is close to madness and participating in this has been insane.

The other one at least has the excuse of a spontaneous mistake.  No such excuse can be proffered by the editorial staff who made the decision to broadcast the show even after Andrew Sachs refused permission.

The award for the worst, most incompetent and simply ludicrous behaviour though must go jointly to the Director General and the Chairman of the BBC.  What utter stupidity they have demonstrated to flounder about doing nothing for days and days and then to impose these suspensions.  This is not a mistake but premeditated idiocy.

Written by Peter Reynolds

October 29, 2008 at 2:01 pm