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A Shyster Lawyer To Defend A Scumbag Drug Dealer? Call Saul!

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Saul Goodman Channels Essex Used Car Dealer

Saul Goodman Channels Essex Used Car Dealer

When Chris Bovey, Europe’s biggest dealer in highly toxic synthetic cannabinoids, needs a lawyer, who does he turn to?

The sartorial style is almost an exact match.  It takes considerable skill to wear an expensive suit so it looks cheap.  An oversized shirt collar and a polyester tie is an excellent start.

better_call_saul-620x350Such are the dubious talents of Pinder Reaux, Essex-based solicitors more used to prosecuting internet trolls like Bovey than defending them. Now specialising in representing porn stars, knock down prices are offered for legal services with puff pieces on daytime television in true white stilletto style.


Pinder Reaux’s Senior Partner

In an astonishing display of unprofessional conduct and laughable self-congratulation, John ‘Saul’ Spyrou, a partner in Pinder Reaux, wrote about my action against Bovey on his firms’s website.

“… in certain cases, an uber-aggressive application can be made to strike the case out, often on procedural grounds.”

This blathering about his heroics in succeeding (for now) in his strike out application against a litigant in person says a lot about Spyrou.  The only person who can claim credit for enabling Bovey (so far) to evade the consequences of his abuse is his delightful and dazzlingly sharp counsel, Yuli Takatsuki.

John Spyrou

John Spyrou

‘Call Saul’ is the necessary interloper between a villain and the skill necessary to delay and procrastinate over the truth.  “Uber aggressive” is a phrase that reveals everything about its author and the veracity of the defence he pleads.

Chris Bovey, The Thief, Liar And Abuser Must Pay £50,000.

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Not, unfortunately, to me but to his lawyers.

Today, there was a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice before Master Eastman. A Master is a junior judge who is concerned only with procedural matters. Bovey’s very pretty barrister, Yuli Takatsuki, applied to have my claim for defamation struck out on the grounds that my “pleadings are plainly defective” – and she succeeded.

In plain English that means that none of the issues or evidence were considered. My claim was struck out because I didn’t comply with all the highly technical wording that was necessary to have my case considered.

As Master Eastman put it:

“Pleading in defamation cases is a minefield for the amateur and Mr Reynolds has not got through the minefield.”

So I am immensely satisfied that Bovey has been made to pay. An order for costs has been made against me but Master Eastman has invited me to appeal to a more senior judge and I will. I may well be able to get my claim reinstated.

Master Eastman’s ruling, based on guidance previously given by the most senior media judge, the Honourable Mr Justice Tugendhat, effectively prohibits litigants in person from bringing claims for defamation. It means that it is virtually impossible without expert lawyers with access to specialist reference and law libraries as the requirements are so highly technical and complex. This raises extremely serious issues about access to justice under Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

If Master Eastman’s ruling is not challenged it will mean that any wealthy individual who runs a campaign of lies, abuse, harassment and defamation, as Bovey has against me, will be able to get away with it. All they have to do, as Bovey has done, is pay their lawyers to delay, obfuscate and divert the proceedings until they are struck out without the issues and evidence even being considered.

So this case is set to run and run. I am not about to back down. Bullies and cowards like Bovey need to be stood up to. There will be more days in court and, if he continues to hide behind his expensive lawyers, more big bills.

Also, now that I have done the right thing and tried to resolve our dispute in the proper way, honour has been satisfied. I no longer feel any moral obligation to hold back on the evidence I have about Bovey.

Therefore, in due course I shall publish the cast iron, documentary proof of his theft, lies, duplicity and his involvement in an international gang of “legal highs” distributors. This is where his wealth comes from by selling highly toxic and dangerous substances, mainly to young people. This is what has enabled him to organise and pay his accomplices to publish lies and abuse about me. In his own words, dated and time stamped, you will read exactly how he planned his campaign against me and the other people he has involved.

So, expect to see the usual crowing and celebration from Bovey’s sycophants and pet trolls. That will have died down in a week or so. Then I shall start to publish. I won’t indulge in the sort of oafish abuse which he favours. I shall simply publish the facts and evidence.

Meanwhile, concerning my appeal, “the wheels of justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly fine”. Bovey’s day of reckoning approaches and the consequences for him become more severe, the longer he tries to delay accepting responsibility for his actions.

Written by Peter Reynolds

January 23, 2014 at 8:45 pm