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The Banks, The OFT, Avarice and Evil

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At last, some straight talking from the OFT about the way the Banks treat consumers.  As if we didn’t know it already but there is no excuse for the way these evil institutions have been allowed to operate and there can be no more compromise or filibuster about the consequences for them. They behave as if they are above the law.  They conduct themselves in ways which in any other context would be defined as theft and fraud.  Whilst they throw people out of their homes, deny legitimate business the means to operate, they let their cocaine-fuelled gamblers take ludicrous risks on ridiculous schemes and all the time present themselves as the backbone of our financial system.

Christ’s rage in the temple is the precise analogy.   It is time that we saw some of these silver haired, grey suited monsters in jail.  Their depth of corruption and manipulation and creation of misery has no comparison.  Right now the financial squeeze we are all suffering is entirely down to the incompetence of the banks in making lending decisions based only on the greed of individuals conspiring to create multi-million pound bonuses for themselves.  They deny honest, hard-working people the means to progress or recover but there is no consequence for themselves when things go wrong.

Let us pray that the OFT follows through on this properly and brings to heel these out of control, rabid dogs.

Written by Peter Reynolds

July 16, 2008 at 7:51 am

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