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Size 0 – The Politically Incorrect Truth

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Alexandra Shulman, editor of Vogue, has accused leading fashion designers of ignoring concerns about size zero models.

Poor, Pitiful Girl!

Poor, Pitiful Girl!

See here.

The uncomfortable truth is that all these designers are either homosexual or entirely submerged in the “gay” culture that infects their industry.  They aren’t interested in designing for beautiful women.  They want pretty boys.

The vast majority of us have a healthy interest in beautiful women in beautiful clothes.  These trivial but talented individuals are out of step, out of time and out of any more excuses.  They are responsible for too much misery and suffering.  The modern prevalence of anorexia and bulimia is almost entirely down to these brightly coloured, beautifully tailored, perverted fools.

It is time that wiser minds with far better taste prevailed.  Do what you want to do in the privacy of your own homes but leave our young women’s minds alone and turn your talent in a positive direction.

A Real Woman


2nd January 2012

Recently I have been subject to a vicious hate campaign in which this post has been circulated around the internet to support the false allegation that I am homophobic.

Therefore, and as I wrote it two and half years ago, I have carefully reviewed every word.

I stand by it 100%.  It says very clearly “Do what you want to do in the privacy of your own homes” and that is precisely my position.  I would defend the rights of all consenting adults to whatever sexual activity they want to indulge in with other consenting adults.

I can understand that the phrases “culture that infects” and “perverted fools” may upset some but this article was not written to be politically correct.  It was written to be provocative and to highlight the abuse that some gay men in positions of power are inflicting on vulnerable young women. Homosexuality is a perversion from the norm and gay culture has been allowed virtually to extinguish heterosexual influence in the fashion industry. 

That anyone should choose to twist and distort my words in support of their vile allegations must say a lot about their motives and integrity.  I believe that their conduct is in fact far worse than that which they falsely accuse me of.  They are liars and dishonest, scheming perpetrators of a hate crime.  They seek to pervert the cause of gay rights for their own selfish ends. 

6 Responses

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  1. Peter using language such as this “Homesexuality is a perversion from the norm and gay culture has been allowed virtually to extinguish heterosexual influence in the fashion industry” is always going to get a response that you are homophobic, To me it comes across as homophobic, homosexual acts exist in nature, through many parts of the animal kingdom, not just mankind. Usually that kind of statement comes from religious zealots and has no place in an enlightened community. I agree in general about many of the points about the fashion designers and the need to change the mindset behind it, but question WHY you keep putting up deliberately divisive comments that you must know are coursing division in the cannabis community.

    As for the leader of a cannabis reform party dismissing others of being drug dealers without the decency of backing up the claim; this is unacceptable, not one single cannabis smoker who has sold a bit to a mate or passed a spliff is not ‘up’ for arrest as a dealer; most peoples dealers are friends of their ‘customers’ and considered as public servants by most of the cannabis community.

    As you are aware I have been a strong supporter of you as the representative of the cannabis community (I dislike the term leader as I do not have one) but I am beginning to have my doubts about your integrity as you seem to be being deliberately provocative and coursing division where no division should exist.

    I have made it clear I do not support those that have been attacking you and have defended you in responses to them ! I have however stated that for the interests of the campaign and community that you should apologise for some of the remarks and insults you have been bandying around as they are not helping the situation only inflaming it. Please sort your head out and stop putting up deliberately inflammatory posts and concentrate on the real issues of OUR party !

    Philip Walsh

    January 2, 2012 at 11:47 am

    • WHY you keep putting up deliberately divisive comments that you must know are coursing division in the cannabis community.

      I have been subject to vile and disgusting abuse from people with an ulterior motive and I have put up a very measured and calm response on my personal website. I wrote this article two and a half years ago. I am not homophobic and any reasonable or honourable person would discuss it rather than mounting a false campaign which blatantly misrepresents my views.

      My integrity would be in doubt Phil if I shrank from the disgraceful lies that have been spread about me. YOU need to sort your head out and stop trolling and supporting this dishonest slur. Your comment on the CLEAR site has been deleted and if you choose to return on this subject to the CLEAR site you will be banned.

      You are welcome to comment here. I am entitled to my views and you to yours. Civilised people engage in discussion, not trolling, abuse and lies.

      Thank you for your support Phil. I am proposing to write a short article about this before putting it aside and concentrating all my efforts on the campaign.

      Peter Reynolds

      January 2, 2012 at 1:01 pm

  2. She doesnt look happy


    January 2, 2012 at 12:39 pm

  3. Ha! There is nothing homophobic about this! At all! Provocative – yes (not to me but to “silly” people), but this isnt against homosexuality, this is against women losing their feminine body for the sake of fitting in a size 0 dress. Size zero women look disgusting, they look unhealthy and they look miserable. I totally agree that size zero women tend to look more like little boys, not women, and yes, they are being made to look like that. If this is fashion, I might take a shit in the middle of Manchester market street and call it expressive art. Perhaps I will become famous for it.

    Best way of facing a problem is to slap it in the face, this is what the above article is meant to be doing.

    Dear user above, if you think this is homophobia, it is YOU who is homophobic, because you are so in fear of insulting a minor culture that you accept it all without analysing it. Now, thats a positive homophobia to me.


    January 2, 2012 at 2:21 pm

  4. […] up and misrepresented in the most despicable and dishonest way to accuse me of being a racist and a homophobe.  Laughably I’ve also been accused of being a member of the EDL, attending an EDL […]

  5. […] Yes, homosexual culture does dominate the fashion industry which is an imbalance that would be better corrected.  The context of my remarks was in discussing dangerously underweight models who look more like boys than women. It will be no surprise to see your ‘newspaper’ publish my remarks out of context. See my full article from 2009 here: […]

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