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Barclays Pays £113 Million Tax, £2800 Million Bonuses

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Seeker After Truth

Congratulations to Labour MP Chuka Umunna, who has exposed the truth about the organised crime syndicate known as Barclays Bank.  See here for the full story.

Far from contributing to the British economy, in 2009 the bosses of this criminal gang paid themselves nearly 25 times as much as they paid in tax on their ill gotten gains.

Barclays Boss = Liar & Cheat

Nothing better illustrates the deception, fraud and misrepresentation that this den of thieves has perpertrated on the British people.   It also highlights the weakness and compromise of Dr Vince Cable, once held up as the champion of the people, now revealed as weak, ineffectual and useless in the face of  Barclays’ corrupting influence.  As for Cameron, his poodle and all the other cowardly members of our once honourable House of Commons, they are all two-faced, impotent and in shameful, sycophantic awe of the vast piles of shekels that the banker robbers accumulate.

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  1. Dear Peter
    Inflation, caused by capitalist greed, and unemployment, again caused by capitalist greed.
    The two hideous diseases of the false idol of capitalism. Those two, emperor wearing no clothes, highest high priests of capitalism, banking and oil show the truth of, ‘ capitalism – everyone for themselves-no thought for the ‘many’ just more ‘greed and selfishness money for the devilish few’
    Yours sincerely

    —————————- Original Message —————————-
    Subject: A concerned member of the public [Fwd: Interest rates and the price of commodities going up]
    Date: Sat, January 22, 2011 4:09 pm

    Dear Becky

    Further to the below I would like to add the following : –

    Banking industry — Credit Crunch, Gambling on Futures.
    Oil industry – Deepwater on the cheap! BP Alaskan pipe line
    ! Price rising neglect? Barack?
    A cynical person like me would say yes, to
    recoup your(US) fine.
    Please read down as BO!
    What a hideous capitalist stink ! ! !
    Communise these, the world over ! ! !
    They just cannot be trusted ! ! !

    I think they need the P-POD treatment.
    Pierre’s Public Ownership Deodorant.
    A nice pleasant, ‘the many’, public pleasing scent I do believe.
    Have David Cameron and Barack Obama the financial sense and guts to do this?
    It’s not as if they do not already own some of the banking sector.
    Just think, instead of 10%, if that, of their profits, their treasuries
    would have 100%
    Not even factoring in what will happen when oil really begins to run out.
    Estimated (low I feel) ‘profits’, 3000 billion over 50 years to the
    Treasuries(instead of 300b.).
    The public would cheer !( And landslide re-election if they(D and B) did).
    And, restrict their pay to, tops, 200k p.a.
    (Please see PS below)

    The fat-cats (‘the few’, poor cats being tarred like those greedy,
    selfish, Animal Farm pig, capitalists) would then not be able to tie up
    billions in assets and bank accounts and pissing it up the wall, like so
    much 10000 year old ice at the Poles, which is being covered each year by
    new ‘greed ice’ supplied now by the Government banks printing more money.
    I feel that God is trying to show the world this comparison by making the
    poles melt.

    I have a complaint.

    I would like to complain that I have a suspicion that those two industries
    are colluding to drive up the price of oil, which is the real driver for
    inflation, causing more worry and starvation to people all over the world.
    A global conspiracy, not just limited to UK or the US.

    Becky, I have an idea for an article for your newspaper.
    Recently, the Mail printed an article about oil tankers just sitting of
    the coast of the UK, driving up all prices. Why do you not do a ‘then’ and
    ‘now’ article but this time adding a map of all the tankers all over the
    world as well. Do it on a global scale, not just a UK scale.
    Then the world will see.

    Becky, would your newspaper pay me for writing articles about ‘matters’?
    I am ACCA trained and well read.
    If you are interested please feel free to contact me on 01304 853615 or
    07719 999319
    to discuss.

    Yours faithfully
    Pierre Iwan Goj
    65 Kingsdown Road
    CT15 6BA
    PS A little taster. Why do you not do a little article judging Bob ‘false’
    Diamond and those other greedy, selfish Animal Farm capitalist pigs, by
    the same ‘works and methods’ rules and guidelines that they themselves use
    to judge how much their lowest paid workers earn.
    I think it would be very enlightening indeed!

    Best regards.

    —————————- Original Message —————————-
    Subject: Interest rates and the price of commodities going up
    Date: Wed, January 5, 2011 2:31 pm

    Dear Ms.Becky Barrow
    I read about the fear of interest rates going up because of inflation
    being caused by commodity prices going up.
    Who profits from commodity trading and gambling on the future price?
    Who profits from interest rates going up?
    Guess who? Bankers again!
    I feel that those greedy, devilish, capitalist bankers want their cake and
    to eat it. Causing misery and worry for the many ordinary people who would
    have to pay both higher prices and higher interest rates. Would it be
    wrong to suggest that it might just be those ,few, greedy bankers talking
    interest rates up, and causing commodity prices to go up?
    I, as a mortgage holder and a business person would rather pay higher
    prices to the ‘many’ rather than pay higher prices and interest rates to
    those ‘few’greedy capitalist bankers.
    Also, I would suggest that those people in government slap a higher rate
    of both personal and business tax rates on both the banking sector and the
    commodity trading sector.
    I would suggest both a high transaction tax and also a higher profit
    tax.70% sounds right. Should ‘shoot, those bankers who give capitalism a
    bad name, down in flames’. To the joy of the ‘many’
    To those people in government I say, ‘Do you want to win the next election?
    Because if you followed my suggestion above, you will win the next
    election with an absolute landslide.
    Again, I say target those greedy, selfish, devilish bankers and commodity
    traders who are causing so much trouble in the world economy.
    I have come to the following conclusion due to the actions of the few.
    Communism V Capitalism
    Everyone equal V Everyone for themselves,fertile ground
    for the seven deadly sins to flourish.
    God devil

    Yours faithfully
    Pierre Goj
    65 Kingsdown Road
    CT15 6BA
    01304 853615
    07719 999319

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    Join today (

    Pierre Goj

    February 19, 2011 at 9:30 am

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  3. This sickens me.., but what sickens me more is the apparent insidious hate campaign run by the media at the moment. Seems people are too busy hating on Muslims and calling out benefit “scroungers” to be bothered with the shafting they are getting from the banks…, utterly disgusting if you ask me.


    February 19, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    • Bang on Jimbob! Far too much hate even if I fear, sometimes there is some foundation. I suspect that the government and press try to divert attention from how deep a pile of s__t we are in by pointing at other targets for the frustrated mob. The whole world is in a large pile of doo doo at the moment. We initially see hope in the shape of the dreams of Egypt’s people only to remember the its never really mattered what the people want to a government. We’re in pretty bad shape at the moment and its likely that things are going to get worse rather than better I fear.


      February 19, 2011 at 3:27 pm

  4. We have a real problem, we have been on a oil plateau for the last 6 years, and when we go into the downward curve, estimates are anywhere between a 2% annual decline rate to a 4% annual decline rate. Worst case senario is a 4% decline rate – that means a halving of global oil output – remember, everytime a net oil exporter becomes a net importer – like the UK, we lose an exporting nation.

    Most of the Oil producing nations have large youth populations (middle East) whom are using more and more of there own oil – birth rates in most middle east countries have doubled in the last 30 years.

    A halving of global oil output would mean overtime a halving of global food production, in such circs we would have to re-prioritize our society – The game is up for people whom cannot grasp our future, they (Bob Diamond) are sleep walking towards the edge of the cliff along with our noble leaders, Daily Mail and NOTW Readers

    Paul Smith

    February 19, 2011 at 1:45 pm

  5. Peter, you article is well timed, as are Chuka Umunna’s comments. I have had to challenge a number of bank transactions recently, and indeed the account is suspended and being investigated by the Police.

    This shows two things.:

    1. Check your & Credit Card Statements.
    2. The banks have done and continue to do nothing
    about fraud.

    The banks bleat on about how much they lose in fraud per annum, and yet seem to be taking away exactly the controls which were in place 40 years ago to make banking safe.

    At branch level the only thing that gets done is cashiering and sales. Banks are indeed merely money shops now.

    At clearing level, because nothing gets done at branch level and most contact now is done over the telephone, actually getting to speak to a human, let alone one who knows what they are talking about is near impossible.

    We have become a nation of button pushers; the work is processed centrally in the name of efficiency and yet banking fraud is at the highest level ever. I am afraid the argument that they don’t have enough time to check every transaction does not wash.

    If they had not closed all the branches and sacked half of the staff who actually do something positive, like watch out for fraudulent transactions; then there would not be so much fraud.

    To that end, it is about time these Senior Bankers had their pay cut, to pay for the staff which are needed at branch level to examine transactions more closely. Not everything can be done over a phone or pushing buttons on a computer.

    Most of these senior bankers are NOT decision makers, and if they are then with the current state of the banking system they are not making very good ones ! To pay people for killing off businesses in the name of making a bigger profit and bonus for themseleves is taking the mickey; and it would seem this and the last parliament have allowed the practise to go on.

    The banks have cost a lot of jobs, not just through their own exportation of work to overseas call centres, but killing of unstable, but viable business if it were allowed some space.

    I have a situation at the moment where a Bank has tried to apply for a Charging Order, without a County Court Judgement in place. Yet the County Court are about to grant it. The matter is being set-down for an appeal. Then we have the Law Lords who last year gave a clear signal to the banks that they can do what they want with their charges and interest rates, despite that Base Rate is the lowest on record.

    With Base Rate at 0.5%; why are these bankers being allowed to charge over 19% and a process that is so automated that the computer controls the clerk (if you can find one) and not the other way around.

    Effectively banks are allowed to work a day in advance, since you cannot pay in money the same day to cover a transaction, if the debit was taken out at 00:01 am, since the computer has already sent it back because it could not see a balance. This is despite the fact it supposed to be a trading day, not a trading minuet.

    The banks have been allowed to become corrupt and apparently with the blessing of the last two Governments and the legal system. No wonder people are hiding their money under the bed or sending it off-shore.

    The Debt Collector

    February 19, 2011 at 3:32 pm

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