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STOP THIEF! £6.5 Million Banker Robber

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Barclays Bank is to pay its chief executive a £6.5 million bonus.  See here.

The putrid, toady scumbag Bob Diamond is the worst banker robber of them all. This man (and I use the term loosely) is a dishonest, lying, conniving, scheming, fraudster, thief and conman.  He takes the food out of children’s mouths and robs old people of their savings. He destroys people’s lives, throws innocent victims of his crimes out of their houses onto the streets.  He is the embodiment of everything that is bad and evil and worthless in our society.  His greed, selfishness, deceit, mendacity and arrogance knows no bounds.

Barclays Bank is an immoral instituition that causes great harm.  It should be dismantled and permanently proscribed.  All its directors and senior executives should be banned for life from being involved in the management of any business.  Their assets, including pension funds should be sequestered.  They should all face criminal bankruptcy and stand trial on charges of conspiracy, fraud and theft.   Once Diamond has served his sentence he should be deported and banned from ever entering this country again.

Written by Peter Reynolds

March 7, 2011 at 11:11 am

Barclays Pays £113 Million Tax, £2800 Million Bonuses

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Seeker After Truth

Congratulations to Labour MP Chuka Umunna, who has exposed the truth about the organised crime syndicate known as Barclays Bank.  See here for the full story.

Far from contributing to the British economy, in 2009 the bosses of this criminal gang paid themselves nearly 25 times as much as they paid in tax on their ill gotten gains.

Barclays Boss = Liar & Cheat

Nothing better illustrates the deception, fraud and misrepresentation that this den of thieves has perpertrated on the British people.   It also highlights the weakness and compromise of Dr Vince Cable, once held up as the champion of the people, now revealed as weak, ineffectual and useless in the face of  Barclays’ corrupting influence.  As for Cameron, his poodle and all the other cowardly members of our once honourable House of Commons, they are all two-faced, impotent and in shameful, sycophantic awe of the vast piles of shekels that the banker robbers accumulate.

Barclays’ Biggest Banker Robber Plans Smash ‘n’ Grab On Britain

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The Unacceptable Face Of Banking

We don’t want Bob Diamond in Britain. He’s to be the next chief executive at Barclays Bank.  See here.  He’s not the “right sort of chap” for us or, if you prefer, he doesn’t have “the right stuff” for Britain.  He’s a wide boy and a high stakes gambler.  We don’t want him anywhere near our banks, our savings or our overdrafts.  Why can’t he just go back to the land of the free and the home of the brave and chowdown with all the other cowboys?  He’s the wrong man for Britain.

It’s people like Bob Diamond who were directly responsible for the banking crisis and for bringing the world’s economy virtually to its knees.   He won all his bets so he’s alright.  Let’s be clear though, it’s his behaviour and those like him that is to blame for the massive cuts that we’re all facing.  He has robbed our parents of their pensions, hamstringed our business world, destroyed our children’s jobs and sabotaged their children’s education.  He is laughing all over his flabby, smug face at our expense.

He’s won a £100 million fortune on exactly the sort of gambling which has destroyed our economy.

Vince Cable should stop posturing.  He was great in opposition but it seems, even in government, all he can do is snipe from the sidelines.

I say, deny Bob Diamond entry into Britain on the grounds that he would be a danger to the country.  Barclays may claim that it has accepted no help from the taxpayer but its exploitative business model depends on blackmailing us with its size and importance to the economy, just like all the banks.

What we needed to do was clamp down hard on their excess, split them into smaller pieces, separate casino investment from banking services, force them into accountable lending policies, severly limit earnings levels and make it clear that they work for us, not vice versa.

We may already be too late.  Britain’s banks continue to be out of control.