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Never Has There Been A More Important Time To Vote Against The Conservatives #AndImATory

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I urge you to go out and vote in the local elections and vote against whichever candidate is most likely to defeat the Conservatives.

This is not a conclusion that I have reached lightly or without a great deal of thought.  For the 42 years in which I have been entitled to vote, I have only ever voted Conservative and until Theresa May became leader and, disastrously, prime minister of our nation, I was a fully paid up member of the Conservative Party and an approved local government candidate.

It is my considered opinion that the Conservative Party is a destructive force for Britain and there is clear evidence of serious corruption amongst senior MPs and ministers.  They are unfit to govern our country.

By corruption I do not mean that ministers are receiving thick, plain brown envelopes of cash or even shares held by a nominee in some offshore account – though I think it would be naive to completely rule out the possibility.  The idea that MPs and minsters are, without exception, people of great probity and honour is a delusion best put behind us.  I refer to a more general definition of corruption in which their conduct or intent is not what it is declared to be or what we are entitled to expect.

We are entitled to expect fairness.  We are entitled to expect that policy is based on evidence. We are entitled to expect honesty and transparency within the limits of national security.

For instance, when a minister pursues a policy or adopts a position for their party’s advantage before the nation’s, that is corrupt.  When a minister acts to hold on to their job rather than to see their department improve its service to the public, that is corrupt.

Theresa May, Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond, Chris Grayling and Matt Hancock are beyond doubt guilty of such corruption and many other members of the Conservative cabinet have a case to answer.  Our government is corrupt from top to bottom and from the very core.

Each of us has policies and areas of interest that concern us most.  Mine are set out in over 900 articles published on this website but I do not want to distract from this crucial message by repeating myself or exercising my particular hobby horses.  Whatever your primary concerns, consider how this government has treated them and recognise that its conduct has rendered it unfit to govern.  It is far more than simply pursuing policies that you may disagree with, it is a culture that is systemic within Conservative government: secrecy, cover-up, hypocrisy, arrogance and an authoritarian, intolerant attitude to the people it is supposed to serve. It is corruption.

It’s been said many times but never has it been more accurate. Government exists to serve the people and not vice versa. This truth is simply incompatible with our present government and with the Conservative Party in its present form.

I remain a Tory.  My principles are of individual liberty, individual responsibility, free markets, justice and small government.  These will never change.  However, this government must fall at all costs and if that means putting Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street, then that is what I shall vote for

Written by Peter Reynolds

April 28, 2018 at 11:39 am

4 Responses

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  1. I agree totally, I have said elsewhere that Teresa may, In particular, is a very dangerous individual. I maintain that viewpoint and I suspect evidence is coming to the fore that supports that viewpoint. Teresa may’s crafty tactics for potential future applications for immigration for example, whereby the Home office exempts itself from data protection legislation and accountability, effectively denying applicants the basic right of knowing the status of their application for residency in the UK. effectively this means that, on a whim the home office can destroy vital evidence that would support a valid claim and not have to be accountable for that action. then we have the debacle over the investigatory powers act, in part ruled unlawful by the high court. in this case the government have until November to make appropriate modifications to the law. however I suspect that this “government” will bide their time and, once Brexit is finalized and Britain is no longer bound by EU rulings, will reintroduce that part of the legislation that compels companies to store swathes of personal data, which the government will have access to WITHOUT THE NEED TO PROVE PROBABLLE CAUSE!! in addition this “government” will be able to share that information and allow access by other “approved” third parties without any need to account for their actions or consider the effects upon innocent people. the technical ramifications of this particular concerns are perhaps beyond the scope of this column but I mention it anyway because its effects are potentially very damaging when it comes to considering where we ultimately place our trust, if indeed we can trust anyone but ourselves when all is said and done.

    Shaun O'Connor

    April 28, 2018 at 1:25 pm

  2. Well done Mr reynold, I think you’ll find that the right wing in general are corrupt, if they had the principles you underlined then we would have been better off with them in power, but we aren’t and never will! Capitalism will always have winners and looser, the number of winners will always be small ( less than one % ) the looser will be everyone else, and capitalism leads to gaining power and corruption! The trickle down economy never worked and Mrs thatcher new this before she when ahead with it copying Reagan model!

    Stephen Brophy

    April 28, 2018 at 9:55 pm

  3. All polytricksters deal in ism, skism an division is wha gwann inna Babylon…
    See dem a come!
    Democracy in this time is an illusion, the government is supposed to serve the people, 17.5 million of us voted to leave the EU and yet many polytricksters from all parties are conspiring against the people.
    They make lots of promises at election time, but whoever gains power never follows through on those promises and nothing really gets done, then four years later its all change again and another shower of ejits has a go in power. Its like musical chairs!
    The public deserve better, it is the public after all who collectively are the motive power that drives this country and its economy through hard graft for their own individual and the collective benefit of the nation.
    My advice is simple, don’t vote in their sad arsed popularity contest none of them deserve the publics confidence in any shape or form.
    Oh and if your wondering what will happen if we have no government this happened in Belgium is 2010 they had no standing government for 18 months and the country did not dissapear up its own batty, life went on as normal. Read about it here
    What the nation requires is simply people to run the country with the countries and peoples best interests in mind, who are paid a reasonable wage and most importantly who are accountable for their actions.
    Its time this shitstem started to work for the people not against them, it is necessary to destroy or deconstruct to create new forms that are fit for purpose.


    May 2, 2018 at 7:11 pm

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