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The Contemptible, Incompetent Members of Parliament.

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When I voted Leave, I fuly expected we would take a short-term hit in order to regain our self-determination. My forefathers laid down their lives for the same principle.

I still expect us to take a short term hit but I want every single one of those contemptible, incompetent scoundrels in Parliament to take a long term hit. They have utterly failed and betrayed our nation.

They are useless, self-serving confidence tricksters and deserve nothing more than to be thrown out of office, out of a job, no peerages, no pay-offs and no way back.



Earlier, I sent this email to my MP, Sir Oliver Letwin.

Dear Oliver,

I think this short piece which I have just published probably reflects the view of most voters whether they wanted to leave or remain.

This is the most shameful and despicable failure of British politics in many centuries and we hold you, the contemptible, incompetent scoundrels in Parliament, fully responsible.

As for your Machiavellian manoeuvring in recent days, you’re a saboteur both of your own party leader (monstrous harridan that she is) and the electorate’s decision.

I regret there’s only one place for you and that’s the Tower.  How you can live with yourself is beyond me.  The only explanation is your enormous, inconceivable arrogance.

Every single one of you should resign.  There is no other honourable or reasonable course of action. You have destroyed what was already a sham democracy and turned our nation into an international laughing stock.

Very sincerely,

Peter Reynolds

Written by Peter Reynolds

January 15, 2019 at 10:56 am

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  1. You sound like you’re living in the USA, my friend. You need a hero.

    Shelly Christian

    January 15, 2019 at 11:52 am

  2. UK public need a hero like a fish needs a bicycle.
    Hero’s can go to hell…
    These polytricksters only serve themselves, they all seem to have an opinion about Thereasa May’s deal and voted against it, but none of them have come up with any constructive ideas.
    I agree when voting leave we knew there would be some pain as the dust settles and people find their places in a new compartment outside the EU and we learn how to deal with whatever it entails.
    At the end of the day we existed and thrived outside the EU long before the EU came into existence.
    These polytricksters need to be made accountable they should have terms of employment, a contract, so that they are bound by contract to serve the will of the nation.
    If they step out of line they get their P45 just like the public in the real world.
    These polytricksters are betraying not just leavers and remainers, but the whole nation, they are far from honourable and do not deserve the public’s confidence on any level.


    January 23, 2019 at 7:19 pm

  3. Hi Peter, new to your blog, not sure if you have seen my other comment. If you have, you can no doubt tell me how well my political views are going to go down in the cannabis community, most of whom have made it clear they support Corbyn. If I should tell greg de whatshisname upon joining his club, about my political affiliation, I wonder how well that will go down?

    The watch peter reynolds website, says your a conservative member like me. I am taking that with a pinch of salt, but even if true I don’t see how thats bad for the cannabis community. If they are willing to exclude possible allies in the cannabis fight, just because they may have centre right political views. Wonder how they will react with me?

    Anyway your blog post was about politics and brexit so I will give you my 2 cents.

    Can’t say I agree with your hard Brexit stance but as you say. It does not matter whether one voted leave or remain, we have turned into a laughing stock. Plus as, a paying member of the conservative party, despite being a remainer, I feel that all this petty internal bickering is going to role out the welcome mat for something much worse than a hard brexit under the Tories, and that is Brexit under a Corbyn Government!

    He voted against the deal purely to cause chaos and make the toriesl look bad so he can get his general election. Trouble is he has a chance of winning, not because him and his momentum backers are popular but because of the 16 million people who voted remain. 16 million is a large number and a failure to take there wishes fully into account has lead to remain voters(many I know personally), gravitating to labour! All because Corbyn says he will form a new permanent customs union with Europe. Worse yet remainers believe him!

    The EU, in fear of a Corbyn govt. Have already said his state aid plans are a red line. So if he actually wants to keep his renationalisation promises he would have to leave the single market and customs union and this is something remainers don’t get! The tories want a common rulebook on state aid. I think even Jacob Rees Mogg has admitted that!

    EU have not only said Corbyn’s plans, are a red line, but that they would retaliate with tarrifs, making any free trade agreement impossible and hard borders inevitable! Yet many of the 16 million remainers, with there considerable voting power, are believing what he says.

    So despite Corbyn saying that we shall form a permanent customs union, he wont be able to negotiate one to save his life! Despite voting against the deal, he has no alternative that isn’t a pipe dream. Of course hes not stupid he knows this, but will say anything to get votes. Hes conning the electorate and if he gets nearly 16 million remain voters and some leave voters, hes basically conned his way into number 10.

    I can understand your anger at the political system at a whole, and I agree to an extent. warped ideologies and self serving interests are coming before the good of the nation but now is not the time for any infighting among those of us who see the threat of a Corbyn government, leaver or remainer does not matter. He cant be allowed to lead this country.

    I know I said I was a remainer, but I understand/have accepted that we are leaving. The electorate have spoken and I am not talking about the referendum but the 2017 election. I was a lib dem member at the time and I, and others were expecting stunning gains from remain voters ie 100 seats or more, on the promise of a second referendum/staying in the EU. But alas the electorate spoke and Corbyn gained 30 seats, and the lib dems even lost the prominent Sheffield Hallam seat.

    Of course one could say they were conned by Corbyn but that does not matter at all. 80% of the country voted for a party that said they would take us out the EU. I guess that means we are leaving.

    I terminated my lib dem membership as they are flogging the old dead horse and failing to take the Corbyn threat seriously. Not to mention the sudden leftwards direction, the party seems to have taken.

    I joined the conservatives not because I agree with there stance but because they are a lessor of 2 evils and if more like minded people join, we can get the self serving mp’s and other bad apples diss-selected. Possibly even change policy to things like cannabis and select pro cannabis mp’s. Entrism worked on the labour party, when momentum took over, so why not the conservative party? Don’t agree with momentums views, of course, but theres a method to there madness and it is working!

    Mike Rotch

    February 8, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    • I resigned from the Conservative Party when Theresa May announced she was staying on as leader, not just caretaker. She is a monster.

      Peter Reynolds

      February 8, 2019 at 7:00 pm

      • Each to there own. Shes going to step down before the next election, but I can’t think of which prominent tory I would wish to take her place. Somebody new needs to come along.

        I imagine you don’t like may not just because of her approach to Brexit but also Cannabis.

        Of course you may not like her because your an EDL member, ha ha. I was just reading the watch Peter Reynolds site again. Its quite funny.

        Mike Rotch

        February 8, 2019 at 7:46 pm

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