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Another Pathetic And Embarrassing Display From The Stoners.

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Exactly The Wrong Way To Represent Cannabis Law Reform.

Exactly The Wrong Way To Represent Cannabis Law Reform.

As Demotix, the photojournalism website, captioned their gallery: “A small group of protestors gathered outside the BBC, calling for Ganja or cannabis to be legalised in the UK.”

See the photographs here.

How long will it take these idiots to learn that their behaviour sets back the cause of cannabis law reform?

Gratuitous lawbreaking, scruffy turnout, signs that look like they were made at playschool and an embarrassingly small attendance even on the weekend that The Observer publishes a survey showing that 52% of the UK population supports legalisation in Colorado and Washington.

Such irresponsible events have never had any positive impact and when they are as shabby, poorly attended and badly organised as this all they do is bring the whole cannabis campaign into disrepute.

Is there nobody associated with the organisers of these disastrous demos that can talk some sense into them?  Or is it really just about the same excitement as naughty children feel when they are being deliberately out of line?  That’s how the public sees it.

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October 5, 2014 at 8:12 am

The Most Dangerous Man In Britain

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James “Broken Britain” Brokenshire

The vile, evil, utterly disgusting policies that this man pursues are succeeding, according to him.   He claimed in the drugs debate on Friday that it is a measure of the “success” of his policies that drugs on the streets of Britain now contain more adulterants than ever before.

He said:

“The quality of cocaine on the streets is, in some cases, as low as 10% in purity at the moment. That shows some of the very effective work that is taking place.”

This is a disgraceful and despicable attitude.  It is more than irresponsible.  It reveals the deliberate pursuit of harm to drug users.  Brokenshire has now ducked well beneath any standard of decent behaviour.  He must be removed from office.

Some of these adulterants are far more dangerous than cocaine itself.  They also mask the strength of the cocaine and so make overdoses more likely.  This is what Brokenshire regards as success.

According to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the following adulterants are found in cocaine in Britain:

Benzocaine, Boric acid, Caffeine, Creatine, Dilitiazem, Dimethylterephthalate, Hydroxyzine, Lignocaine, Mannitol, Paracetamol, Phenacetin, Procaine, Sugars and Tetramisole hydrochloride

James  “Broken Britain” Brokenshire is the most dangerous man in Britain.  He must be sacked as a minister in order to protect the safety of young and vulnerable people.

Man’s Best Friend

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Dogs have lived alongside man for tens of thousands of years.  Even before our species could be so defined our predecessors made a pact with each other.  Mutual advantage was the bargain and so it has been ever since.  The relationship is in our DNA.  There is a primeval bond between us.

Capone & Carla

Dogs can be dangerous.  Mostly this is a function of how they are treated but there is the wild card.  I would never, ever leave any breed of dog alone with a child.   Thankfully, considering how many badly treated dogs and irresponsible owners there are, tragedies are few and far between.  Nothing can extinguish the agony of what happened in Liverpool yesterday but there is a solution.

Bring back the dog licence.  Make it cost £100 per year.  Give pensioners a rebate of £90.  Every dog must be microchipped to correspond with its licence.  Enforce it.  Guaranteed, problem solved.

Instead we have idiotic politicians who play about with incompetent, ridiculous and irrelevant legislation like the Dangerous Dogs Act – while children are mauled to death in their own homes.