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Anne Frank – The BBC Gets It Wrong Again

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Isn’t it inappropriate, insensitive and downright crass of the BBC to be broadcasting ” The Diary Of Anne Frank” at a time when Palestinian children are being murdered by the Israelis?

Israel is behaving as a Nazi power.  Gaza is the equivalent of the Warsaw Ghetto.  For pity’s sake, 10 paramedics have been killed since the brutal,  inhuman land invasion.

In other respects the BBC is so oversensitive as to be absurd.  When John Sergeant resigned from “Strictly Come Dancing” it immediately offered refunds to anyone who had voted for him yet now, while women and children are massacred in Gaza by the evil Israelis, it wants us to watch this?

Strictly Politically Correct At The BBC

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I will not add any more sustenance to the well deserved success that everybody’s favourite dancer has achieved but what nonsense is this at the BBC? They’re going to refund the cost of calling to vote for him! How utterly stupid and paranoid. This betrays a real lack of proportion and judgement by someone. Next those poor victims at Sky who pay to watch the footie will be getting refunds if their favourite primadonna is off sick!

Anyway best of luck to you John. You’d never have beaten Christine…or Rachel…or Lisa and that’s not even mentioning the other men – but you’ve triumphed over them all!

John Sergeant for PM!

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Written by Peter Reynolds

November 19, 2008 at 6:03 pm